Hello Everyone,new guy here.

Hey Daddy your everywhere huh?

Yea I had to check this place out. Forum wise it seems dead.

Indeed it's very quiet lately.. It's cool to see new people though, especially people from the US!


I havent been on here in the longest time. I think its time to dust off my Yoshimitsu and get back into Tekken 6. My unfortunate unemployment stauts means lots of gaming time.... and some more Tekken 6. But.... I have been downgraded like CRAZY and are only a Marauder. Hmmmm.... Perhaps I should rectify this issue.

And damn does YOT look damned snazzy!! Nice to see you on here Mattsu!!


Hey brother! Glad to see you back! Hit me up on PSN for a few matches.. Tag is Yoshimattsu lol

Darn to bad you guys are on PSN and i am on XBL. I would liked to test out my Yoshi.

had problems with PSN... i cant fight properly because of lags :(

From what i heard, the xbox fights are not as bad it terms of lag vs PSN. But you still get one every 10 matches or so. Which is y i only accept 4 and 5's only.

lol, saw all the vids and the fingerbang vid and it's hillarious xD
Now i'm not only comitting a kamikaze win against the oponents to make them mad, I'll also use the fingerbang from now on!!!

welcome to the community btw

I fought DragonEmperorWu on xbox who's Manjikai name is yoshidivine. Yay first time i fought against a Yoshi player who is also on ManjiKai. Good fights YoshiDivine, you have yet to win a match but you are surly getting better each time.

Hey Yoshimoshi i just watched ur videos.. you are cool man .. but i think those guys u played with are not upto your mark.. I think u were toying around with them or something .. :P anyhow nice matches ... ill keep looking into your channel..
Wish some day i can play with u..

Added 15 minutes later:

Actually let me take back what i have said.. Your not cool.. U are Very good...
You adapt very nicely to situations.... none the less you use so many risky moves and wall game ? and you just spin to death :P either urs or opponents..

Oh and keeping sword sweep to Tech roll oki is quite good as most of the time opponents can react to it ..
Really Good to see ur videos :)

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Thx for the comment i am glad you like the matches. But they are very old and i play much differently now. Not as unsafe but still risky because i like risky. More moves and setups, just overall better. I'll tried to put more newer matches when i can.

Welcome to Manjikai Yoshimoshi, the name's Kai

Hope you have a great stay here :) Also, I have xbox live add me, maybe we can play sometime later tonight

XblGt: Mr DeeKay

I enter a Tournament this pass weekend with my good friend Thinkbig321. I came in 4th....(Should had be a 3rd ;_;) Anyways checked them out i got my last 3 matches on Youtube. Let me know how this home online Yoshi player did ^ ^ in my first Offline Tekken Tournament.

Jaimitsu (Yoshi) VS Thinkbig321 (Yoshi) (Keep in mind that we been playing each other's Yoshi for over 2 years)

Jaimitsu (Yoshi) VS Turtle B (Zafi)

Jaimitsu (Yoshi) VS Sorrow (Lili)

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Sweet! :D

Hey, Yoshimoshi, we're already friends on the PSN, right?  I think that's why your name is so familiar to me.