Curious about Yoshi? Under the mask...

I feel like if Yoshi got more face time ,and a bigger role in the series, they might screw something up and push me away. Like the good folks that make Guitar Hero, when they made World tour they took out the ability to use the controller...I thought that was the stupidest thing to do. I am a controller hero and I'm very good. I don't like to toot my own horn, but I never lost to guitar players. I went to the midnight release for world tour, bought it , got home, and totally flipped out when I couldn't play it. So I hope they never do that to me with Tekken.

hmmm, yoshimattsu... what do you mean in your last reply... I dont get it much,THANKS! :D

Well.. the first part basically said if the creators decided to make Yoshi the main storyline character they would be forced to fill in some blanks and I am afrain I may not like their answers to some of his big mysteries. I think a lot of his charm is his mysterious nature.. And the rest of it was just me ranting about guitar hero, and how they made the newest games so you can only play the guitar part with a guitar, instead of also being able to play on the controller like the first five games.

haha!! got it!!

hmmmmm... slashing controller for a yoshimitsu game, anyone? :D haha! :D

One of my favourite Yoshimitsu outfits/appearances, would be his Tekken 2 outfit... where you can see part of his face, and black hair. I'd imagine he'd be a strong, and noble looking Japanese man (perhaps handsome? :blush)... umm... maybe youthful appearing, because of being part... cyborg... too.

I like to think that the wild red hair that Yoshi-san can have in some outfits, is... a wig... hehe, and my bros and I call those outfits, "Yoshi's 'dig' outfits", because he looks so cool (he always does). :D

In Soul Calibur IV, you're allowed to custom edit the standard characters to any outfit you'd like, as well as... umm... strip them down, as well... and my brothers, and I, did that as most we could to Yoshimitsu (and luckily, you can't take some things off of Yoshimitsu, like... no matter what he needs to have gloves, pants, etc. on,'); just to see if we could see his face, and all... but nope, just a wooden head with the Manji symbol on it (good thing second outfits are - probably - uncanon though)...

In SCIII, where you can see his hand/arm, me and my brothers, were thrilled with that... hehe. :D

...anyhow, I definately think that he'd be just as alluring without his mask, as he is with his mask on. :love

(...I think you people are making part of me fall in love with Yoshi-san, hehe... :blush)

well, I think Yoshi really was made to wear masks...

dont worry Pris :D haha...

yoshimitsu8861 : well, I think Yoshi really was made to wear masks...

dont worry Pris :D haha...

Hehe, of course that's true. :) Which makes wondering about him more exciting... but perhaps the masks have become his true face, and represent his moods, fighting spirit, and justice. :D

Yoshimitsu reveals alot of his face in Tekken 2 but I think he is hiding battle scars.
People say he is alien but he is IMMORTAL get it right!

I kinda think that when we actually see his face one day, it's probably going to be disappointing. Namco should just keep Yoshi's face covered.
- Manji Leader