Curious about Yoshi? Under the mask...

if you put a certain hat on him you can clearly see is WHOLE head is made of wood

How does he eat??

how does he even think? O.o nobody knows, namco shot themself in the foot with this one

Ya I think that's a lame idea.. Wooden heads are just a little too far out for my liking.

But it´s just Soul Calibur Yoshi, not the Tekken one. Phew...

Why did they choose Nina to make a spin-off game about? I would've loved to see a Yoshi game that allowed you to go around the world stealing from the rich and helping the poor. It could play something like fable. Maybe we could see how he started and why..But of course still protecting some of his key mysteries. I bought Death by Degrees and wasn't impressed. I thought they could have done better if they were gonna put the Tekken name on it.

I think they have no clue themselves about what to do with Yoshimitsu. They just let their creativity spread with each new game without thinking much about possible contradictions or unrealistic changes. :p

But a spin off game with him would rock!
Come to think of it, will T6 BR have a mini game again? Like Tekken Force or Devil Within ? I hope so, I liked that...
Anybody know something about it?

The creative director said there will be minigames in the console version, maybe not bowling or Tekken ball, but something equally fun I hope

Bowling? -.-" hmmmm I hope not something like this...wasn´t that fun for me to be honest.
But Tekken Ball was kinda cool :D
For those who don´t know it, came up in T3...

Here´s a vid.

Hehe, Law was the best character for that. Just repeatedly doing somersaults did the job XD

Bowling was fun for me at first but I got sick of it quickly, but I still play Tekken ball every now and again. I liked Ogre, his kicks were easy to time perfect and hit with loads of power.

dont you think there's a relationship between NIna and yoshi, cause, in tekken, they usually are serious... my opinion...

well, Nina used yoshimitsu's sword in death by degrees, right?

AND, yoshi having his own game, verrrryyy cool, especially if its like an RPG, or something like that... uhhh, like devil within... :D

PS: you think making a yoshi spin-off game like devil may cry or ghost rider would be OK? not sure if its ok or not...

I loved Devil May Cry! I never played Ghost Rider, which is strange because I grew up on comics and I love everything Marvel related.

hmmmmm... how about the idea? is it good? or bad? cause i know yoshi like slashing :D

anyway, i like marvel too, ahehe... :D i remembered when i used to read the comics...

I like it!

Wow, we have something in common then. I have a huge comic book collection too, lots of Marvel, although with the time I grew out of it and changed more to DC. :P
Only thing I still read of Marvel monthly is Wolverine... XD

Well, I think it´s not very likely to happen though...a Yoshi game I mean. Only thing we can hope of is that the mini games will have free chara choice, not like in Devil Within.

^^" Poor Yoshi, even in Tekken itself he´s just a kind of side character...
But most charas aren´t in the focus of storytelling, so it´s not that bad.