Curious about Yoshi? Under the mask...


Well, I'm hoping it's a new character in T6 (like eddie and christie)...

:yes to the alternate costume!

maybe the designers created yoshi to be an odd one out in the series, and it would be an obserdity to even contemplate what he looks like nad any attempt to do so would make your brains melt. who knows, i always thoguht that he might have looked like this becasue of the way it looks like he has some sort of moustache under the mask from tekken1 and 2

mmmm a lot of speculation on this subject so let me help.

1) Lollicious YOSHIMITSU IS MINE see my siggy for details and under my avatar my location!

2) Hwe wears the mask to hide his real face as only family can see his real face and let me tell u he is gorgeus also his mask is part of his amour. He is Japanese thus so has black hair/brown eyes and eats a lot of sushi. mmmm tasty food is sushi.

3) I certenly hope that stupid blue looking alfit does not show its ugly face again and they defintly should leave yoshi alone cos i think they have toned down his moves since the very first tekken!

the very first tekken yoshi was a bit useless, no offence Yoshi 2.

Yeh only if u cannot be a yoshimitsu expert like myself my friend.:|

I agree with yoshi 2 slightly about T1's yoshi (not that I'm an expert or something), though I managed to do a d/f+2,b+1,1,f+3 juggle only twice (can't time it properly).

But you can time the sword stab on a lying opponent for massive damage (for some reason, characters in t1 seems to take a lot of time in standing up, but just in time for the stab to hit)

Yeh it has been a while since i played tekken 1. I mainly play tekken 5 at the moment cos i love yoshi's new amour.(Singing) Your my knight in shining amour!

I'm a yoshi expert.

LOL i bet you are too being obsessed LOL like meeeeeeee:)

Yoshimitsu's face is not worthy to be witnessed by mere mortals like us. We will never see his face before we die.

Anyways, I can assure you, his blue costume in Tekken 5 is not what he looks like, because it's not canon. You can even see part of his neck in his Tekken 4 costume, and his chin in his Tekken 2 costume, so he is human, rather than a robot or anything like that.
clar380 : the very first tekken yoshi was a bit useless, no offence Yoshi 2.
Yeah, but everyone was useless in Tekken 1 and 2.

ok I think I will have to share my opoion here I think the reason Yoshimitsu wears his mask, is because of his clan, the Manji clan are thives, right?

so do you think if you was a thive you would want your victims to know your face if they sevived your ambush, that is just booken your own ticket to hell.

so with Yoshimitsu wearing the mask, it means he projects him self and his clan.

but I want to go back to something that was said earlier, now arcoding to a post by a fellow member, you lot said he had black hair in tekken 2 which is ture, but I think that hair is dyed hair because I'm not quite sure about this but did he not have red hair in Tekken 1?:con

Yes, the Tekken 2 outfit surely reveals the most, but I don't think we'll ever be able to see his face unmasked... at least not in official games... unfortunately. I don't know, when I think about it, I come up with the conclusion that Namco wanted to have a "mysterious ninja character" and then someone probably came up with the idea "that's great, now just make him a little mechanized and he'll be one of the most charismatic and irreplaceable characters in Tekken" :P

Like Tenshi said, he's probably Japanese. I'm not really sure about his hair, but it is definitely not naturally red. I'd like to see him while he's having it dyed :D

And I don't think / don't hope that he's super handsome. I'm sick of handsome heroes in movies/video games/whatever, it would be much better, in my opinion, if he was an average-looking Japanese guy who is respected for his wisdom and skill rather than his beauty.

:dontgetiti'm really quite bad at tekken yoshi
but i am really good at soul calibur

my opinion:

i really don't know

Hmmm... Hidden scars idea is good. Maybe I will draw Yosh in meantime (What? I can't drawing humans...)

you know what I have been thinkin what if Yoshi's real face was that bule manice costume in tekken 5 and DR, it makes a lot of sense because it was all bule muscles and like we know Yoshi, is half human and half another lifeform since tekken 2.:O_o