Tekken 6 BR Yoshimitsu Tricks



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You stole it from jakodayo.
Don't do this or I'll ban you from this site.
Delete this movie please and instead of stealing, add it to your favourites.

my Friend video

Hmm.. I figured this was from jakodayo. So jakodayo is your friend?
Jakodayo truly is very impressive :)

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Damn only Lily?!

pretty nice though

He also made a vs. Dragonuv Video

Tenshimitsu can band you?

Oh Really ? he is your friend ? since when the Top Yoshi in Japan knows a thief like you ? no Tenshi let him steal. but dont cry again when the Youtube ban your channel and suspend it ... ofcourse you know what iam talking about ? 8)8)8) ( as i was the one who caused his old channel to shutdown after stealing my Yoshi combo )