Just played Campaign...

... and I love Yoshi there :D

Too bad I have a small TV and couldn't read all his words, but he maintained his Yoshiness, his style. :D Sometimes I laughed hard. :)

Every character says something different, Yoshi's style is my favourite. :D

I enjoy playing Mokujin's stage on SC and making 2.8 million G every time... And Yoshi's stage with all of the items you get, even though I pretty much have them all already. I still like playing it when I need a break from training or Arcade/Ghost modes...

I was amusmed by Yoshi interest in Armor king, I always wanted a team up with those too, that would be like one of the greatest things in tekken history

Personally, I found the campaign mode to be a nerve-grinder every now and then, mostly because...

A) First you're stuck with Ms. Perfect even though you can tell before you even get started what she'll be up to, eventually. Then the guy you're stuck with after her is even worse - just my luck to get hooked up with my least favourite characters.

B) The camera is quite awkward. For example, when finally finding Yoshimitsu on the map I kind of lost 900 to Nothing to him and his group of Where-The-@?¤#-Do-These-Guys-Come-From, half the time because I was looking at the pile of people on the screen, trying to figure out which one I was controlling. :D I could use a bigger telly as well though, I couldn't read everything either and that might partly solve the camera problem too.

I was surprised to find Bryan somewhat philosophical at the end, before the second-to-last boss fight. I'm not gonna get started on about how much that freak show Boss did my head in, I'm just gonna say that Namco people should've learnt from Ogre and Jinpachi, and most important of all, they should lay off the LSD. :D For f's sake people, this is Tekken, not Final Fantasy.....

Going to run through the Campaign tonight with Yoshimitsu, I think. Sounds like a good laugh. :)

Koga, you've got Tekken 6? That's great! :D

Yoshi's stage could be better (I expected it to look more like the Manji Valley stage), but I honestly adore the peasant straw spikey hats of Yoshi's subordinates. :) (a bit of "House of flying daggers" feeling :) Or maybe the movie has Manji feeling? It all mixes up.) They're quite tough to beat as well. ^^

Go get Yoshi, he's great with his quotes. One of my favourites:

Feng: "You dared to interrupt my training!(sth like that)"
Yoshi: "Amusing. Show me your training."

And Bob thinking that Yoshi kidnapped Alisa... (LOL!)

Hehehe. :)

Tenshimitsu : Koga, you've got Tekken 6? That's great! :D
Oh aye, did you think I'd miss this party altogether? :D
At any rate, finished arena with Yoshimitsu and quite nearly messed myself when seeing his ending. Ask me, this looks very, very, VERY bad. On top of that, I was better off against Azazel with Yoshi rather than Bryan, I noted... perhaps it's time to check if I'm still having correct guy as the main character? O_o

Now, off to the campaign mode with Yoshi... once our laddie Kaz gives me back the controller. :((

I'm surprised yoshi didn't say or mention anything with alisa and vice versa about doctor boskonovitch. It's his best friend right, so wouldn't he know/mention or say something about it and the Alisa case?