For Tekken beginners: recommended :)

Hi :)

Wanna skill up your Tekken? Watch this:

Well-put Tekken system. So if you don't know what's backdash cancel, sidestepping, sidewalking etc, go there. :)

thanks for showing us that, this will be a great inspearition and might a good way too catch up some of missing tekken basics

Awesome find!!

Too bad that online Lag isnt taken into account. Lets see a "Level Up Your Game" on that!!


^ : )

I saw this and enjoyed it thoroughly, I can't wait until they dig deeper into the game and discuss more advanced techniques and character specific discussions with special guest players who use that character, as promised by Rip and MYK. Coupled with all of the "TekkenTime" podcasts, they are doing great things for the community!

Saikoro : Awesome find!!

Too bad that online Lag isnt taken into account. Lets see a "Level Up Your Game" on that!!


True enough, but they may not cover it just because when your talking competitive fighting your not really looking at online, but more like tournaments and such.

Glad the patch is out though to have addressed a lot of online lag issues. Well for some places, I fought a few times via the Japanese continent and the quality wasn't great at all. Lol

But they did warn us that distancing would be an issue. Hopefully theirs a better way to address that in the future for perhaps more stability. Though at times bandwidth and throughput may be to blame especially via wireless.

I enjoied them so much, MYK is too funny ^^
I hope they're going to do another episode, I'm waiting for it!

what is MYK? huh huh huh i am so nob

MYK is one of the top American players and one of the dudes that made that "Level Up Your Game" video series...

liked the vid... teaches good both for rookies and experts... lol when they said "if your an expert or feel that youre an expert" :))

here is some good video guides

Sidewalk, sidesteping and backdashcanceling

Tech traps and okizeme

Wow this thread i wanted to start was already there from a year. Noob me XD. Any how i got lots and lots to add but cant do on mobile internet. Damn i need my pc.

Well I didn't know this was here either. Just as well you dug it out then ^^ I think I might even link it in my blog for it's usefulness. :p

best frame data faq ever.. With examples for why its safe and unsafe, demonstrating do to use positive frame to your advantage, basic 10 frame punishing and on top of it all you are getting a view with a high speed cam so you are able to count the frames XD

Forget about sheep, I'm gonna be counting frames in bed from now on!!! :))

Thanks for sharing AK, great find!!