Thumb Blisters - Dpad vs Stick

As I bought T6 yesterday, I'm finally remembering what its like to play tekken regularly - thumb blisters ahoy!

Now I'm an avid dpad user, hence my tendency for thumb blisters as I key in inputs. I find that the stick doesn't give me the required amount of accuracy (w/e you say 45 degrees is 45 degress on dpad)

My question to you guys is, which input method do you prefer? And does stick give u thumb blisters too?

Well for me, I love playing arcade stick. I used to play d-pad but then the arcade machines don't have controller ports so I was forced to learn stick. Borrowed my friend's stick and prefer it over d-pad now. D-pad is still pretty reliable because it's so easy to use but if you master stick movement then you get to pull off the craziest movements (e.g. wavedashing, backdashing, etc.). In any case though, it's all preference. Yoshi doesn't require as much precise directional input so either one will work just fine. Chars like the Mishimas though have so much precision that you need to be really good with directional input.

For me personally, another reason I play stick now is that I don't want to make excuses. The biggest complaint in our arcades was that there was no controller port. When I started off as a d-pad player I just couldn't do what I wanted to and that really pissed me off. I took it upon myself to learn stick so that I'd know I played to the best of my abilities. Imagine going to a tournament and they only offer one of the choices and it's the one you can't use. Lost opportunity right there. It paid off when I went to the Philippines and I was totally comfortable playing with the BR machines. I also joined the Gamestop midnight release tournament and it was stick only. My friend and I joined and he was better than me but he plays d-pad and he didn't even get far. I however, did what I could and managed to get 3rd place. He's very disappointed but I was content at what I did.

Stick doesn't give you thumb blisters. When I started, my wrist and forearm hurt for a while because I was pretty stiff with the inputs but after a while I got used to it and I flowed a little better.

Learn stick!!!

yeah... i was devastated when I got beat by arcade noobs just because they know how to stick

so i'm definitely going to learn stick, just wonder how long did it take you to learn?

hmmm took me maybe about 3 months of practice and load of losses in the arcades. Practiced probably every day when Tekken 6.0 came out in the arcades and every night when I come home lol. I'm not that consistent but I can electric wind and shining wizard now...

And I seriously have so much respect for arcade players. There's just so more pressure in the arcades. Time and money are very tight. You spend more money and give up your seat to someone else when you lose so you end up waiting for another turn which sometimes takes forever. You really have to win or else you're just paying to get your ass handed to you, not fun. People at the arcades mean business and you get that experience of making every little thing count.

I would actually prefer both, but as Grey put it, both have their advantages/disadvantages.

Personally, I have always loved the PlayStation Controller, its D-Pad was always the most responsive and Ive been playing Tekken on it ever since I was 13. So yeah, its a huge biased preference. Cant go wrong here. Im also going to purchase a PS3 to 360 controller converter. Im obsessed I know....

The 360 Controller is totally unreliable as far as the D-Pad is concerned. If you try to what I call "flickering" (please correct me if Im calling this by the wrong name) by tapping Up/Down/Left/Right whilst moving to fake your opponent around, you will find that the D-Pad doesnt always register your movement during quick inputs. Even worse is when youre in the middle of an intense battle and suddenly a wrong input comes out during a heated poking match. Ive lost battles because of this. Ive even purchased MadCatz branded GameStop Wired Pad with the Cross D-Pad.... while FAR superior to the 360 stock wireless pad, it works 90% of the time when under intense pressure. That other 10% was just listed two sentences ago.

I would prefer the Stick, but I would only get one of Tekken tag Arcade Quality. Call me nuts, but I think that the Namco Wireless Stick and the Mad Catz SF4 Stick (NOT the tourney one) have incredibly flimsy and bouncy short sticks as opposed to the meaty, tall american style of stick found in arcades of yesteryear. God I miss those times....