Throw Escape

I've seen people escape throws a lot in pro match vids

question, do these guys do it on reflex or via prediction? whats the timeframe for keying in the escape command, and how long is it from the time the throw was initiated?

I think it's mostly by reflex. You need to get used to seeing the hands grab you so you either press 1, 2, or 1+2. You can also predict if the opponent will grab you when you know it's really coming but in most cases it's not as reliable as just being able to escape on reflex. I don't know the exact frame window for most grabs but I do know it's enough for anyone to be able to see.

I really think it's all about practice and focus. My circle of friends don't grab as much so we're not all too good against throw escapes. My other friends however grab a lot so when I end up grabbing them they escape way more than I do. So if you actually make use of throws, you can get used to them and have a better chance to escape. Focus of course can be a big factor against throws. A friend of mine rarely grabs but his throw escapes are pretty good because he normally plays attentively. If you practice and focus enough in the game, then grabs/grab escapes should just be another weapon in your arsenal.

If you want to practice by yourself there's a pretty decent trainer in practice mode. Pick a char and go to defensive training and choose the two basic grabs and if you wish also put in a two punch grab. After a while you'll get used to the animations and hopefully know which escape is which. The downside is you know the grab is coming, so you're prepared to escape. In a real match however there are those random grabs and you'll probably just eat it because you weren't prepared. It is still very useful though because the more you see it, the better the chance you have of reacting correctly.

There's also an online throw breaker. Here's the link. It's pretty good too, different char sizes grab you so it gives you a gist of what to expect with different chars.

(Long post hope that helps hehe)

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Well put Grey. However, from my play experiences, its all about reflexes with prediction peppered in. Throw Escapes ahve actually gotten harder as Tekken progressed. Throw Escaping became popularized by Tekken Tag Tournament as that was the easiest title to practice your throw escaping with. Tekken 5 and 6 feel very similar, but 6 is a scant bit faster.

However, with the advent of Online Lag, Throw Escapes are quite hard to spot as Frame Data is either too slooooow or too quick to keep proper rhythm down. With Conection rates going off the wall as far as reliability goes, its going to be a while before I get my game back on, throw escapes or otherwise.

If youve got Tekken for the 360, friend me. The username here is the same as my LIVE account. Perhaps I could give you some input.


thanks for the help guys!
i finally got t6 now will go practise throw escape by reflex ^^