Tekken 6 BR Yoshimitsu Ending


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Yoshimitsu top tier in Tekken 7!!! :p :D :yes

I MUST know what he's saying at the end.

If there's something strange in your nieghbourhood. Who you gonna call?

Haha! He's gonna be a super phycho top tier! o.O

Bison has something to do with this!!!

*Bison ultra* This place shall become your graaaave!!!

muahah muahaha

The irony! Poor, poor Yoshi..

I wouldn't mind seeing a more powerful slightly evil Yoshi in T7! That's my impression from this ending. The evil energy overtook the Fumaken and his original sword absorbed the evil and the power fused with Yoshimitsu, so he and his evil soul hungry sword are now one. Forcing Yoshimitsu to kill for his own survival, He must do wrong to make it right!

I think it would be totally fucking badass if Yoshimitsu went bat shit crazy in Tekken 7 while also being aware that he could free himself from the confines of the Fumaken/"Yoshimitsu" Sword. Kinda like Darth Vader turning at the end of Empire, just without heavy breathing.

Think about that idea for a second....

Possibly, he could destroy Alisa Boskonovitch into pieces (Because she sucks and is goddamned cheap, E.G. the epitome of Scrubs online), nearly kill Bryan Fury in a.... bloody fury, massacre his entire Clan (Except for Kunimitsu.... she survives and enters Iron Fist 7 to enact revenge.... Wink, Wink) and realize that wrongdoing at the last second, and also turn on Xiaoyu, who he once saved. Lots of material could be made from this.

How badass is a posessed, Power Hungry and Evil Space Ninja Cyborg??



Did he get possessed? I thought the last slash at the end was him trying to release some power from the soul absorption!

Yoshimitsu became overpowerful and turned bad cool but I hope he turns back to the good side.:O_o

Yoshimitsu was fighting an alien monster! Now there getting more in to the space ninja topic8)

I don't want yoshimitsu to turn badass evil.
I think he might lose his humorous and enjoyable charisma that we all love.

Oh , how yoshimitsu will abandon his belief in justice.

I think it would be too irresistibly exciting to have Yoshimitsu turn from his ever-righteous ways into a possessed, evil badass. Sexy. :wink

I actually think it would be a great chance for them to get more depth into Xiaoyu's character. I mean, she's been trying to get through to Jin forever now, and that hasn't worked out very well at all. She owes Yoshimitsu her life, so I think it would only be natural for her- if Yoshimitu ends up being a "bad guy" in Tekken 7- to try to save him from evil.

Nooo... I want Yoshi to still have two swords. :)

BTW, "Fumaken"... isn't it the sword that Taki had? From the Fuma ninja clan? Interesting. :)

And anyway, Yoshi wears the Vajra Yaksa costume.
Vajra Yaksa - "the extinguisher of all evil".

I'll write many articles about Yoshi and his connections when the new site arrives. ^^

As for me, I'd like Yoshi to keep up this new "dark" style. He's positively creepy now, and despite my initial suspicions, he's not too complicated for me to handle, at least to some extent. I'm still gonna keep Bryan as my primary character, but he pales in comparison to this new, kick-@rse Yoshimitsu, shotgun or no shotgun! :D

I'd like to see a somewhat good-Yoshi / bad-Yoshi struggle in Tekken 7 as well, with of course good Yoshimitsu prevailing, with or without Xiaoyu's help. Or perhaps it would take "an old aquintance" to snap him back to himself...? :) I can always hope.

I think you're on to something. :wink

I think this updated side of Yoshimitsu is just what he needed. Too bad non-Yoshimitsu players are missing out...