Hey guys

A bit about my tekken history...

Started playing tekken when I was eight, during the T2 period. Still remember vividly how if you press up + triangle when they were on the ground, you jumped really high and stomp their face into the ground

During Tekken 3 I discovered independently without reference to any online sites (didn't really use the internet much back then) that the single best move to spam for yoshi was df + 4 (saviour boot! ftw!)

Didn't play much Tekken 4, was weirded out by the wall system

Tekken 5 I played heaps... also the first time when I participated in a Tekken tourney. I went into the tourney armed with nothing but prediction and the saviour boot(I didn't know how to juggle!)and fought my way to the 3rd round where I came up against a seeded player using Lei. Here comes one of the most embarrassing moments of my life... it was the final match, 2 wins each, and he whiffs an attack. I key in the turning suicide... and it hits!

I let out a great roar of satisfaction, only to realise that it was around 5 frames away from being a counterhit, and I had just killed myself for no reason. (he had like 10% health left)

Now that Tekken 6 is coming out on PS3, I plan to buy it very soon, and continue my childhood dream... to be the best in Tekken in the world! Yayah! (it got delayed by DotA along the way, haha)

Welcome aboard, kalorful. :)

Heh, you reminded me of my less-than-flattering tournament experience with your story. Sit back and enjoy your stay!

Yours cruelly,
~ Kogamitsu

Welcome Kalorful!! I also started with T2 arcade!!

Welcome to the team! :yes

Thanks for your intro Kalorful and welcome. Hope you love it here as much as the rest of us do! :D Though how will you find the time to post with all that Tekken action going on? hehehe...

hey, welcome aboard!