New yTS Theme

Ah, this brings back warm memories... Splendid job, Tenshi; I really love this theme! Reminds me of the good old YOT days :D

I agree with Dino about the menu- it's far more efficient! Wonderfull! ^_^

I just loged in after paying the internet bills and after I've seen this, I had to look for my jaw onthe street:) Brings back memories indeed! It looks like a dream. Congrats Tenshi!

Gotta say, when I first saw the new design I was like "Woot? Am I on the right page?"

Tenshi, you just keep astonishing me. Skin after skin has been more and more amazing, and what's more, they've all worked well! Reminds me of the YOT days (yes, I was here early enough to experience them, too :))

Thank you very much :D I'm quite ashamed! *^^*

I'll work as much as I can to keep astonishing you :P