New yTS Theme


I'm ready to start work about new yTS theme. I have several ideas... think what you would like to see first!

1. The evergreen, classic "Serene Forest" Theme. It can be similar to the one from the YOT Archives, or a completely new theme.
2. The dark, bloodred theme of "Hell's Gate", with mysterious green accents (like the flames that are present there). I'll have to take some screenshots of this stage.

OK, so what's your opinion? :)

number two please:D

N:o 2 gets my vote, too :D
My favorite stage in T5

I'd say... Number 2!!

The votes in my head were pretty close.., it was 45 votes for Hell's gate and 46 for Serene Forest... I mean 45 votes for Serene Forest and 46 votes for Hell's gate... I mean...

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Yes, I'm also for the number two. :) This is my beloved stage. :D

And now we know that number two will be numero uno :D

OK, Hell's Gate theme is up, what do you think? Tell me your opinion, it's precious. :)

*Gaps....* I cannot comprehend on how you could have done this....

Its.... its...

(starts trailing off...)

Wow. Just wow.

I've always been honest with you, so I'll be hones now as well.

It's great! I LOVE this skin! :yes First of all, the banner is great, I like the red/green combo in banner which made whole site be done in red/green combination. At first I didn't like the green text, but now I think it's totally refreshing and it's a great decoration to the site!

The links on the banner are extremely well designed, as well as the red lines on mouse hover. Great!

Also, the images on the right (Useful liks, New Articles) are also very good. It's awesome how red color fit so well in a site like this! Yoshi pictures in background are also very nice.

I can say that I have no possible complains about this skin, it's just brilliant, IMO. Great work, Tenshi! You should put this as a default skin, it's the best.

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You never fail to impress me Tenshi, great job yet again. :D

PS: Did you get rid of the Sunrise theme? That wasn't too bad either.

Hello :)

I'm glad you like it! :) I tried to make this theme be both quite "well toned" (not tiring for eyes) and ... quite strange and uneasy (combination of green and red colours). As you view the pages, the left menubar's background is blurred, like from a nightmare. :) I hope I expressed this effect well. :)

The banner was the hardest job. I hate the image preloading (like in standard image buttons: one image is exchanged by another image on mouse hover). I used one jpg image (much compressed) as a background, and each link is a separated gif image, on which two lines are painted transparent. I used the style:
I remember this trick from the very first version of YOT, but I had to adjust it to work both with IE and Firefox. :)

The work took me two days, which is not that long... maybe another theme? :D

Oh yes, I get rid of the Sunrise theme. It had different dimensions, which could interfere in the future works.

Tenshimitsu : The work took me two days, which is not that long... maybe another theme? :D

Well if you have time, you might try that Evergreen...:D YOT's Serene Forest theme was a blast.

OK :) Just one day of resting and I'll start working on the next theme :)

Hey Tenshimitsu the site looks great. I havent had computer access in a while, i moved to a new house. I think th enew site is great, i like the hells gate background