how to eat a half of life bar?? [read it:D]

I've been told that stuff like suicide can actually be done after a wall-splat. Maybe, if you're insane at your shit you can end your opponent in just one combo (At 100% life of course)?
- Like "qcf+1+2 -> suicide" ends in just those two hits.

Hmm.. Or maybe not. Dmg is reduced to 70% on walls (/70 dmg on suicide), so you're more likely to end up with a lost fight instead. Stupid me.

So many Juggles to try... :( but i dont have Ps2 right now :((........

Hey Guys I love your Spirit ....Long Live Yoshi...:yes

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BigChief :
yoshimitsu_10 : This is the most strongest Yoshi player in Japan
I'm in love with that mask Yoshi has on.

Link doesnt work, any one have a working one? i really want to see:D

Look for Souten matches on youtube: you'll surely find interesting ones. In addition, we have Souten matches in our Media section, too.

Who's Souten?

I think that must be the name of the Japan player, but I could be wrong

Why's he so famous though?

Souten's one of the best Yoshi players around. He has very interesting set of tricks, set-ups and strategies. All worth seeing and definitely worth of some "philosophical musing".

I see what you mean Koga, I had a look at some of his videos yesterday and they where very good.

arent those just homemade videos?

I think these vids are from a tournament, but I wouldn't know which one.

Nice threat, YME - i've totally overseen this! - Furthermore, i wasn't completely aware of the diffrence between juggles due to the stages! (Or, at least, been too lazy to test :blush)

I'd better copy/paste/transfer/print it! :wink

Thanks! :china:


Hehe that was long time ago when I was writting it,[ I'v spent half of night with a pc , ps2 ,but it was worth of it...]Now I almost don't play tekken.For me it is just a wasting of time [ sitting at home and play games] but it doesn't mean that I don't play at all.Since I'v bought a PSP I'm spending more time to play Lumines 2 :D This game in my opinion opens a new generation of logic games.I'v loved to play Tetris, but since a friend of mine told me about Lumines Tetris is on the second place.Maby it is a little bit offtop but... :D anyway I'm making a movie with tk5 Yoshimitsu , It will not be long because in a 4 days I will be in UK, so I don't have enough time to put in it ewerything what I wanted to. Greetings !

Who else is Famour/Good Yoshi Player apart from Southen :-/