Show Off Your Pretty Faces : )

I know this seems a bit odd, But I'd like to know what some of you look like. There always seems to be a Thread like this on every Internet forum, but I have yet to see one here.

So, I'll start : )

This is I:

I consider this my "Glory Shot" as Ive never been able to muster a pic like this again.... and yes, they approached me. I was 8 beers in at the time of its taking.

Apologies for the large size.... Photoshop is down as Im on a spare PC and all of my important files are on my Motherboardless PC!!

Who says that Elite Yoshimitsu Players cant look this good??


Member pics are posted in the Introdutions/ Our photos forum, no biggie, just for future knowledge...

here is the link :D

Aaaand lock. :)

Follow A.K Fan1234's link to the proper thread.

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