I'm new here.

I'm really glad I've registered.

This seems to be a great community, and I'm glad to be a member : )

Welcome to YOT Yoshitora!! I'm Matt...I'm sure you will love it here!! So tell us about yourself, when did you start playing? why Yoshi? I look forward to hearing more!

Awesome. New Yoshimitsu Bretheren!! Yoshitora, which version of Tekken will you be getting on the 27th?? Im possibly the only one here who is getting the 360 version. Is Yoshimitsu youre exclusive character?? Tell us a bit about your Tekken experiences....


Thank you, It feels great to be welcome.

I'm not really great with Yoshi at all, but I've never taken mine online either. I've never owned a Ps3, so I never got the chance with Dark Resurrection , but I'm looking forward to Tekken 6 on my 360.

I'm more of a SC Yoshimitsu, rather than a Tekken one.

But I'm going to be playing Tekken 6 for quite awhile.

I'm going to try to be one of the best : )


But, besides that...

I'm Colin, I really only seem to enjoy fighting games, they've always been one of the only game genres that interest me. I've been playing Tekken, and Soul Calibur both for about 9 -10 years?

Most people seem to think that I can't possibly be a High Level player, simply due to age. But I'm not one to simply be recreational with a game, I like to learn in-depth techniques, as well as In-Depth ways to play.

Yes, Saikoro, I will also be playing on the 360 : )

You said people underestimate you due to your age, what is your age? Also I have learned from experience not to underestimate anyone... I have been beaten in tournament settigs by very unlikely competitors!!

Hi there, Welcome to YOT! :)

hey man, welcome to YOT
and i totally agree with you

i've been plying fighting games since my 3rd (gotta start with street fighter 2 lol!)
and people underestimated me when i was 10 and i pwned everyone in many fighting games.

the only player that can own me pretty hard with a perfect is my brother, mainly cuz i play with him most of the time and he knows my every move/tactic with yoshi O_O.

I'm 15 : )

Well there are several members here that are also around 15/16 yrs. old...We all have something to contribute!!

hey i think that you will fit in here just fine :D and by the way if you fear that people will judge you by your age. i can say its different because people will only judge you by your actions, so you deside :) but still don´t try too be too mature

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17 here...

Yoshitora : Yes, Saikoro, I will also be playing on the 360 : )

Yay!! I will gladly spar with you come next week.

I myself am 28, but I certainly feel more like 22. Ive been playing Tekken since I was 13!! Saying that, I feel old....


Namu! Welcome, Yoshitora.


Hey, sorry I'm late a usual to say welcome!! I always seem to be distracted with other things at the moment. Still have time to pop by and see how my favourite forum is getting along!!

I'm pleased you like the forum already! It's nice that we're getting a burst of activity now. Hope the release of T6 will ensure we've plenty to talk about for some time yet (I have it feeling it just might do that :wink).