Amazing Tekken Art and more!!

Its not necessarilly Fan Art, but....

Im not sure if any of you have heard of this place, but I highly recommend the Kawaii Art Zone. It is French by Default, but they've got a English option as well (To the left!!). You have to register to look at Pieces in their Hi-Res glory, but regrestration is hassle/spam free!! Main page:

And a quick link to Tekken's Section:

Yeah, theres HUNDREDS of fantastic, uber-high quality art that is neatly categorized for ease of use. For the love of god, theres 791 entries (Individual pieces) for Street Fighter alone!! If you know of Mugen (Those of you who dont.... just Google it or simply look up a YouTube Video as youre missing out!! Kazyua was made you know....:wink), then this would be a great start as I have gotten nearly 85% of my portrait art from here. An even bigger plus goes to those of us who know how to use photoshop.

I smell the advent of nicely created Yoshimitsu Elite Wallpapers/Signature Art!!

Happy Hunting!!