New here!

Hey, didn't know where to put this but his own intro thread seemed like a good place. Angelboy has asked me to let everyone know he's having internet issues so is inactive right now. He'll be back and posting as soon as he can.


Thanks for the heads up! :D

Thank you for the notice Jembru ^^
My internet's fixed again =D!

Sorry but.. have we met?? Angelboy, Angelboy.. nope, name doesn't ring a bell :))

# Jembru : Sorry but.. have we met?? Angelboy, Angelboy.. nope, name doesn't ring a bell :))

Ouch... I don't really know how to reply on this one :))

Hahahaha, does that mean I beat you?? What do I win?

You win... A wet smudgie kiss from the one and only AngelBoy!!

Come here you!! =D

Oh now I remember you. I'd know those kisses anywhere. :))

Omg what must everyone be thinking? Hahahaha.

I fear wet smudgie kisses :))

tee-hee :))

I bet you probably forgot that everyone could read that huh, little brother >:)
nyways welcome to the yoshimitsu forum bro, I'm happy that by using this forum you've found a way to improve yourself :p

Hahahahahaha.. brotherly love ^^

Erm, you DO know he was only kidding though, right? Just wanted to clear that up before you tease him for the rest of s life. Hmm, you're gonna tease him anyway, aren't you? I know because that's exactly what I would do.

Oh and likewise, welcome to the forum Ralenzo. I have a feeling it's gonna be funny with you around.

Lol yeah dude, welcome

Have you made an introduction yet?

He's joined in chats, insulted our Yoshimitsu, had a good old debate with our clan leader and taunted his brother (although also said some really nice things about his Tekken ability, which was sweet). So yeah, I think that was his introduction. What an entrance!! :))

hahahahahah yeah, haven't really introduced myself or anything. I just kinda crashed in here :p
And yeah theres not much to tell really, I've always been around in the background when my brother went to this forum.
And yeah...uhm I play lots of fighting games, but mostly street fighter and tekken. I'm better at street fighter then tekken but I like both =)
If ya wanna get yo ass whooped add me
psn: Ralenzo (only europe pls, me hates lag)