Tekken 6 Console Yoshimitsu Guide?!?!

I was reading through the forums and saw this quote....

Tenshimitsu : I was just wondering if you're interested in step-by-step Yoshimitsu DR guide. I can write the articles in the Manji Dojo for all of you who don't have much time to read the extensive Tekken 5.0 FAQ. I'll cover there most important aspects on which you'll have to focus while playing Yoshi, and maybe upload some tutorial videos...?


I was certainly a bit late to this original topic, but heres some thoughts that I would love to share.

I can already see myself clocking in some serious time with Tekken 6 once it releases (As all of my posts imply :D). Since there have been countless, albeit dusty topics (Meaning "No replies in a looooong time") in the form of "Yoshimitsu Movelists/Strategies/Who or how the hell do you X??," I think it would be fitting for all of up top players to consolidate all of our top strategies; inputting feedback as a whole into a really robust Tekken 6 Console FAQ. Think of the possibilities!!

I will be honest here: All of my skills are currently remniscant of Tekken Tag with a fair share of Dark Resurrection thrown in for good measure (as that will surely be changing very soon). I will give you a better idea by November 4th as to how my skills hold up. I am very confident in my abilities, so I think we should all work together to make some great material here.



Well I'm in. I mentioned before I was thinking of making a FAQ myself but I'm not that good at putting things together and I'm more than likely not going to have enough free time with my schedule of classes and work this semester. I'll still be playing a lot of Tekken though so I'll try to give some of my findings.


My take: Let me fiddle around for about a week and see exactly how my skills still hold up. Ive got a great feeling already as I have literally soaked in strategies and videos like a sponge.

Its a matter of time now....