Customization Screens!!

hm yea, i hope so too

Yoshimattsu : Yup!! I'm glad the folks at Penny Arcade chose Yoshi for their exclusive costume!! Personally I love the costume, the cardboard tubes are just awesome!! I'm curious if they will allow him for purchase from PSN for the people that didn't preorder T6 from Gamestop?? I'm sure they probably will considering most games offer the little bonus DLC, that only some could get, to all later...for a price I'm sure..

Activision is pulling the same thing with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. If you reserve the game you get a DL code for the original CoD. Activision said that they would eventually release the DL as a standalone purchase. Nice perk for sure. Hopefully the same will happen in this circumstance.

Alas, it is incredibly cool to see our favorite Manji Leader get a fan treatment as awesome as the Cardboard Tube Samurai. Although not as funny as they used to be (Thats my opinion), Penny Arcade is still awesome considering how long they have been around. Remember their old school look??


Yeah I also have been a fan for some time now, but I agree, the humor has dried up a little.. I hope they finish that Roger comic soon!!!

they used to be more funny, same applies for VG cats for instance