the Shoutbox

I found the shout without the refresh button sadly so just inter the the shout and yes it up dates, believe it or not but take a look and please say something because if this work alot people will be happy, :D

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OMG!!! AWESOME!!!!! This brings a feeling of nostalgia! I'm sooo happy!:yes

There are some chats in there I'd like to reminisce because they make me happy.. Good memories, good times!! ^_^

Hmm that's odd, I thought the shout was down??? But there it is working and everything.

Yeah... it wasn't so much down as hiding from us I guess.

It's no good to encourage digging into the website...
It might be working as a pure php, but somehow the javascript part doesn't want to work.

I?m sorry, I should have respected your decision or asked you first :blush

I really enjoyed that aspect of this site over others out there. I hope it returns soon.. If I can help let me know!

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Yes, there will be a shoutbox in the new version of YOT, in the YOT Members area. I'd rather call it a "wall". ^^

To be honest, I actually was thinking about more sophisticated chat system, something like a Facebook-style, footer chat / instant messaging. But after thinking about it more, I think it would not be good. I don't like Facebook and the way it makes people addicted to it. I don't want any of you to spend most of the time chatting on YOT - it's devastating.

I want YOT to be our hideout, calm Manji Village, the place to express yourself, read a bit, post your creativity (blogs, fan fiction, forums, fan arts). I don't want any of you to spend most of you time chatting. Sure it's fun, but during the same time you would be creating fine pieces of art. Time is precious, time passes so fast.

I won't improve any chatting system more than it's neccessary.

OK, going back to making new YOT - the work is huge but it will be worth it. :) I'm very satisfied with a new theme in its early shape. Gonna finish it and focus on coding as well.

I can't wait to see the big change! I'm really excited. I hope it'll bring the YOT community much closer together.

looks like I need too improve my membership rank too be apart of it all :dontgetit

The 'net can do that to you. You should always be vary of the places you venture. :)

I'm quite looking forward to the new shoutbox myself, too. They are a real pain in the @rse to get to work properly, though.

Any news on the future 'box, Boss? Anything conclusive?