Practicing on Ultra Hard??

Since this is the only way I can keep up with my skills until the 28th, I figured I would ask your opinions about this.

The AI is incredibly apt to spam certain moves repeatedly. However, I see this as a plus because this allows you to utilize/practice different moves to see which ones work for what situation.

Case in point: The Ultra Hard AI in Tag ALWAYS fell for a throw after immediately getting up from a fall (1/2 or 3/4 on ground impact.... forgot its technical name). Therefore, I thought I would try this on human opponents in the arcade. Worked like a charm for the unprepared. You would be suprised to know how many people fell victim to this.

Now I know that this is a simple example, but do you use the AI for purposes as such??


Yeah if you play the game long enough even in ultra hard you're going to find that the AI is pretty predictable. I don't really trust the AI since they are either too stupid that they fall for the same move over and over or too smart and block every single low, break every single grab etc.

A perfect example is the soul stealer spam I found in Tekken 6. If you knock the AI on the ground and you stand right next to them they almost always tech roll into your soul stealer again. If it was a human they would have figured that out after the second time they got caught with it.

That's why the best practice partner is a human one, preferably someone better or just as good as you. But if there's no one else I still play AI to practice on my defense and my timings. For anything else though, there's no guarantee that the set-ups you pull on the AI can can work against a real player.

Oh btw, ultra hard in T6 is ridiculous. They made the AI so good you can barely pass stage 3 without getting your ass handed to you. Jin is the biggest pain of all, he parries and low parries everything. If you do reach final boss though, it's not so bad. Apparently Azazel is just as stupid in any difficulty, he still falls for the same moves

Same with Jinpachi in T5, no matter if you're playing on Easy or Ultra Hard, he seems to be just as difficult. I'm glad to hear Ultra Hard on T6 will actually BE Ultra Hard... It has been too long since the AI could consistently beat me on any level, and I don't know anyone local to play with. So I'm really stoked for this game!!!

I just realized that this is how you use the practice mode. It's not so much to beat the computer but for you to do moves/strings and see how the computer beats it. The way I see it, if I do some kind of strategy and the computer has to do some off the wall move, something crazy, or something a human would not do to counter, then I know I have something good.

ultra hard? well, looks finee with me, and yeah, I do agree with Grey that getting used to fighting Ultra Hard AIs shows that the AI can be predictable...

and yeah, I also noticed that, that AI in tekken 6 is better than tekken 5s AI, coz I somtimes lose on its Hard when playing Arcade Mode... (poor me T_T)

I also found out that I get to win more wins against human players than on AIs, BUT I also lose more times on human players than on AIs :))

cheerioo XD

I agree it is better to spar players than AI because you cannot spam moves on players unlike AI that continually eats my launcher again and again,