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In this topic you post fanarts!!!!

Link up Yoshimitsu and Tekken fan arts from all over the net and give Yoshimitsu, Tekken and fan artists the recognition they deserve!


p.s Please link with image and thumbnails.
(I give link since they aren't workin for me).

I think this is a great pic of yoshis T5 X costume

T6 yoshi X costume with colur and without

and a really awesome yoshi T3 triangle sketch

Two more very nice fan arts :D

An AMAZING CG work of T6 Yoshi! I'm sooo jealous of this guys skills. :D

A very nice T3 Yoshi fanart. I feel like Yoshi's looking into my soul.:O_o

Yoshimitsu I

Yoshimitsu II

guess deviantart is the only good source for Yoshi pics... :P
Or do any of u know similar sites?

Realy cool pictures...