I don't really use IM anymore, but we're on right now if you wanna join in.

Man, deguzzi, you are dead on with that soul stealer reflex....namu!

Thank you! It's saved me SOOO many times, it's my favorite!

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I'll have 2-3 new videos by tomorrow night

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ZOMG, I'm not so sure giving up my PSN was such a good idea. :P jk

Like I mentioned, I've never been in a match video before, so I'm super excited to see the end results. (Too bad I'm not that good. :P Oh well, I had fun. And I'll keep trying to improve.)

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Oh, and another thing. Your guys' Yoshimitsu customizations look so cool and flashy!

Mine looks so boring next to yours. But I love 'im! :P

I like the simplicity of yours! It matched well :)

Hey damn sorry I missed out tonight but I had some good matches with Deguzzi and Toramitsu today, then after dinner the girlfriend wanted to play Little Big Planet, so tomorrow for sure! Or tonight yet if the roommate gets off the internet soon, otherwise it slows me down wayy too much.

It's all good! Tomorrow night, maybe? I have LBP, too :P

# DEGUZZI : I like the simplicity of yours! It matched well :)

Aww, thanks, man. Yeah, I think it matches Yoshimitsu pretty well. But then again, so do the more complex designs.


Yoshimitsu must be bipolar! :P

Hey Aozame32, add me!

# Yoshimattsu : Hey damn sorry I missed out tonight

As cowardly as this sounds, I'm kinda glad you weren't able to make it tonight. It was once less Tekken god beating me up like a rag doll! :P

Aww come on I'm not so good, my pattern is relatively easy to learn..

It can't be any easier than mine. I just have basic pokes and, like, two combos that are less than 5 hits. XD

Well add me and I would be glad to play and help show you by example, it has helped me greatly..

I also played against that #19 Ranked Yoshi from Ireland today and actually held my own and even managed a perfect on him before getting destroyed by lag and his skill of course! Anyways I invited him to come check out the YOT and join us, so we'll see!

# Yoshimattsu : my pattern is relatively easy to learn..

Take my word for it :P haha, jk

>:) *cough* 10 in a row *cough* twice now *cough* jk, my last ten were much harder to get..