Hey wanted to let y'all know that I added everyone who left their psn here. Except for the people living in america. I'm not racist but It's useless to play when you can't connect with each other properly

That wouldn't be racist, and I'm not offended either way, it makes sense, I've tried playing with several of the european players and its not too bad every once and a while but not consistently enough. I actually get better signal from the japanese players on my friends list, which is a little weird to me, but hey I'll take it!



America is a race?


It was a joke /facepalm

I will be ready to play tekken the next week, I haven't touched tekken in like months so give me a message an I will set to go.

yaaay, what's your psn ???

my psn:YaxxbassXD

Yeah it seems I already have you in my list, when will u be able to play again ?

PSN: BigChief014
Up for a game of Tekken 6 or SC4 once my exams are over.
I'm in Australia btw, so other Aussies would be ideal (I hate lag!!)
Apparently you can win battles by knowing the enemy's timing, and using a timing which the enemy does not expect, but it's hard when there's too much lag. :P

I see that you like our random quotes, BigChief :P

Hehe yup :)
What's your PSN Tenshi??

You would never guess... My PSN is: Tenshimitsu :P
But we will have massive lags for sure...

Ah well, worth a try,,

psn: Ralenzo
Tekken: Miguel, law, bruce, bryan, jin, kazuya, paul, yoshi, heihachi, lee, and some others
SC: Mitsurugi all the WAY !!, kilik, raphael, taki, cassandra, zasalamel and talim :D