Hey, I exist! Namu...

So how many people here are on Playstation Network? My PSN username is JT_the_Ninja; if you're up for some Soul Calibur IV or Tekken 5: DR online, gimme a buzz.


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PSN = Angerus-1337

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Hey, with T6 out and all...anyone else wanna share their PSN tags? We should battle.


Yoshimattsu..... I'd love to play with anyone but only for laughs considering my laggy connection..

Mine is


I'm always up for some tekken, especially with how polished my Ling, Lee, and Anna are now. I still haven't picked up Yoshi, mainly due to me thinking that he looks just...bizarre. He controls so strangely in my opinion in this one...

I want everyone that sees this with a PSN account to add me. I don't play online ever but it would be nice to be friends with everyone so I can view friends' ranks on the leaderboards, since I can get online but its too slow to play.

Mine is Shintomitsu
By all means feel free to add me anyone, and don't hesitate to leave me a message if you wish :)
I'd love to be friends with the YOT community hehe :)

damn, no one has added me so far...

I'm going to add everyone from this list today... So expect a message ppl!!! Also, I need gamertags from all you others....

alright, can't wait to battle you

My ID PSN is CrystalSword.
I need practice versus other Yoshi player. Matches with 2 Yoshimitsu are epic :)

why don´t we plan some matches in the next week or this one guys :/

wouldn't it be awesome if someone could record our matches?

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k, I've added everyone in this topic I think =D

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PSN: Sideways-SX

I'm currently playing Red Dead, but I'll take a break to play Tekken :)

# DEGUZZI : PSN: Sideways-SX

I'm currently playing Red Dead, but I'll take a break to play Tekken :)
good game today, you use flash effectively, but you don't use a single combo though.

Too bad I couldn't show any good combo's either due to the heavy lag (damn 2 bars)