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hey, I'm seriously getting better xD
I keep owning people online in ranked matches lol.

damn those scrubs though. especially the kings and bobs that keep spamming 1 move (no prob for me though)

hey is anyone up for some good yoshi gameplay talk :con

I'm always down to talk about Tekken!!

do you guys have some ideas with juggle wall hits

I don't think anyone noticed my last post... I put up a link of a Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu figurine and was expecting you all to be amazed by his greatness and good looks! XD

Oh, btw... This new PS3 update is really crap. It's soooo slow! It takes more than a second to load my webpages, and in case HD users didn't notice, a bit of the page now goes offscreen. :S

juggle wall hits? hmmm....

if opponent hits wall, try using 1,2,1 if it hits... then again, you may even use d/b+3,3,3,3 if ya want to...

Sum: the yoshi figurine was great! haha... sadl, yea, no one noticed it....
oh, and which PS3 update? damn, i dont know any of those coz I dont own one! XD

Matt: hey bud, whattup!?

PS: Glenn:x0ree for the bad timing last time... :(

cheerio... (hmmm, im hungry for cheerios anyway..)

merry Christmas or Whatever else you celebrate if you do ! if not then happy friday! :P

merry christmas too btw to all YOTians!!! ^__^

you too man

it's official!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOTians!!!! happy new year!!! hope everyone had a great time!!! XD :yes

A new year surely brings a new start with it well.. :con Just before the start of 2010, I moved from were I stayed the last year and prepared myself to live in a other familiy not as bad as it sounds because it wasn´t any unfamiliar one but the reilief familie I visited every second weekend in like 4-5 years and too make it even more cool.. the children is oneless than some of my friends that I have known since kindergarten.

I got a litte carried away from the point, my new familiy" invited to a skiing resort in Austria but there is a major problem, I never tried skiing and the and we are going travel there at the end of this month, but with assistance, backup from mom :dozingoff and borrowed equipment from dad :O_o I was ready to give it a shot.

I imagined that I would fall a million times and my mind was going.. all begining is hard, but with my great theacher´s help,I feelt improvements along the way as I moved towards experience, :p and due the growing comfidence I could usee that i might have a chance of learning this in time, if I practice 2 times at day until we are at Austria, so may you and Yoshi wish me luck.

by the way did new year being you any good?

Skiing rocks! You'll do great I'm sure! For me the new year brought news of a NSS ff+4 juggle that does 74 DMG ! Other than that, nothing new for me really... It was a slow holiday season here...

Yo! My family are getting a puppy soon! His name is Hatchet and he's about 4 weeks old.

Ain't he a cutey?!!! In this video, my brother is holding him while I was holding another puppy. But he was sucking and nibbling my fingers earlier.. Makes me feel all soft and cuddly inside! :D

p.s mum holding camera lol. :D

He's adorable!!! I want a doggy too!!

I can't wait to walk, train and play with him! :)

Oh! And we're taking care of my step uncles doggies for the week! I could do with the exercise! :D

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