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$250?! hmmm... if the PSPGo's like that, then its about, uhhh... 12500 pesos in our country... but, mostly, it'll be more than that, since most gadgets here are much more expensive than the original price I see on the web...

and, you mean that the PS3 Slim is $300? (computes again and finds out that its 15000 pesos) wow... price range from the US and here have a HUUUUUUUGE difference...

so, anyway... (haha)
Yoshimattsu: on your waaaaay back post, I do agree that the new Tekken characters are different from what you'll expect... A fat yet super fast martial arts genius (Bob), a totally different gypsy (Zafina), a girl, who i thought before was a boy (Leo), a spanish man who didnt study any martial art yet fights (Miguel), a totally different martial art fighter *partnered with an AMAZING name, right Jembru?!* (Lars), and the cyborg girl who can detatch her head (Alisa)

I for one am glad to see Namco didn't lose their talent for making unexpected characters with some serious skill and many of their own "tricks"...It will be great to discover some new fighting styles not seen on a Tekken series yet!!! I have heard really great comments regarding the new Characters, most people seem to be pleased overrall with all of the new additions. There are always people that like to complain about everything, but they are easy to spot and ignore. I have seen Leo declared a boy and a girl by different trusted authorities, and after seeing gameplay video with Leo I'm leaning towards girl. Notice how Namco is keeping this little tidbit a secret probably until right before or after the game hits, but seriously, that would be one feminine dude...

Wow Help Me (famous Lee player) plays Yoshi now. He plays an amazing Lee and now that he plays Yoshi, I like him even more. He has a similar play style as I have.

Anyways, 2 more weeks to go!!!!

I can't believe T6 released in Arcades 2 years ago, it's finally our turn!!! Other than the fight videos, previews, and the couple of times I played in a Chicago arcade, tekken 6 will be a new experience for me. I can already tell I will playing this game way too much!! As soon as I have a sufficient online service, I hope to be seeing many of you online for battle. I have my doubts about the netcode really working better than before, but I suppose it couldn't get too much worse either.

16 days and dropping...so who wants to co-op on PSN?


I'm pretty sure the release date is the 27th for us Tora... So 15 days and dropping...If I get DSL by then, I would love to co-op...

Shame price can't come down. They made us wait soo looooooong!

I noticed shops here are still charging the 'new release price' for games that are about TWO YEARS AGO! And reduce preowned titles only by about 5GBP... sucks..

Yeah those pre-owned game shops have seem to be less and less of a bargain, sometimes it feels like it would be better to buy it new!! Or just sign up for a web service like Gamefly... Either way, it's sad to see they pay you less for your used stuff, and charge you more for theirs.. It has only happened in the last few years, but I guess the value of Games also went up...

Doctor Boskonovitch is alive. I'm happy. :D

Forgive the one liner, but I think that says all in my opinion. :blush

well you came for the right place say it then :D

Dr. Bosconovitch is alive???? Where did you hear this from Pris?!?!

I hope nobodys forgotten about this shout. :)

I have my copy Pre-ordered.

Ready to pick up tomorrow ; )

Yeah midnight here we come!!!! But still, Not being able to rank up past 1st Dan without going online is really really stupid!!!! Are they trying to push away those of us who live in remote areas and can't play online??? Or somehow force us to play online and deal with the Lag issues quite obviously present here too?!!?!?!?!

Huh? I didn't know about that. That's so unfair. I mean, I can play online but I don't. What's the point? I suck anyway so there's no need in sharing my suckiness with a wider audience. Oh well.

Actually, I won't be buying Tekken 6 anyway. Sucks doesn't it? I spent ?300 on a console just for that one game. A console which then broke even though I hardly used it and cost me a further ?100 to repair. Crazy that I now won't be buying the damn game but I have a good reason.

As some of you know, I am moving to Germany this coming spring and I won't be able to carry a laptop and my PS3 at the same time so I'm taking my PS3 at the end of November. I'll be leaving it with Gattsu (nothing stopping HIM from buying T6 I guess :wink). It's kinda pointless paying all that money for a game I'll only be able to play for a few weeks and I'm trying to save as much cash as I can for the big move. Besides, I'm currently addicted to LittleBigPlanet so I'll cope without Yoshi for a while longer. Still, you can expect some jealous vibes from me when you all start discussing the game. Hehehe

Happy playing everyone!!

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