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good question jem because I´m starting too get a bit worred about this too you know, i want more people around here more often. but i will stay too try here a much as i can if it help in any kind :D


I'm good at wasting time... But I'm better for people to waste time with though. It's like my one of my natural greatest abilities! - I'm also very good at organising. Which kinda contradicts my first statement.. Oh dear! Was this post a waste of time?? I didn't achieve anything. :)

I'll contribute in time-wasting, too :D

Had some troubles with sleeping lately, me. Can't fall asleep, or if I do, can't stay asleep. Last night hit the rock bottom, though; it was crowned with 'restless' dreams...

I tell ya, one more night spent by playing tug o'war with zombies, and I'm selling my horror movies!


Well, except Dark Floors.

That wasn't a dream Koga.... O_O haha! just kiddin' ^^

If some zombies wanted to pull on my rope they can keep it! - It'll smell all bad where they've put their dead hands...

*Pince punch, first of the month and no returns* XD

about zombies is it only me who have some dreams where all people is turned too zombies and you goal is simply too kill them but i always end op dieing at some stairs, because the zombies grab my legs and rib them off and after that you are still trying climb those damn stair useing your arms.

But believe it or not, i like those dreams because it allows me take my revenge on they people who gave me problems in life, like some my classmates :(( i beat them with chairs, tables, fists, anything handy :D

Actually, usually in my dreams zombies pay me no mind unless I start bothering them. And the zombies are random people I've never met before, or are in such a bad shape I can't recognize them. They just flow past me as if I weren't there.

But the tug o'war with a door last night was unpleasant, but I recall I was trying to protect something or someone from them. Hmph. Go figure :p

zombies would eat anything too satisfy their hunger, so are you that boring :D just kiding.

Aye, I'm quite dull :D And mebbes zombies don't like vegetarians? Might taste foul to them. :p

Gotta love Zombies!! I wonder how they smell?

Zombies smell 100x worse than a Pythons breath and Bearded Dragon's poo combined! They scent the rooms with an overwhelming stench of decomposition powerful enough to gag even the most hardy of people. LOLZ

Koga, Zombies like to eat the brains of the living! Have you checked your pulse lately? hehe :D

look at Kogas signature it makes sence now :D

I'm kinda worried about the direction they seem to be taking video games for the future... The new PSPGo system is download only, this seems like a bad idea to me! They have no plans to make a voucher system for the people who already own games for the Psp so what are we supposed to do if we buy the new psp? Buy the games again? This is a bad move and I hope it dies out. I'm not ready to give up on my physical disks yet...

Ninjas don't shout; they stab.


oh damn, I missed all the tempo shoutbox fun!!! anyway... hi again...

PSPGo eh? well, ya think theyre sure bout gettin rid of the UMD system? and focus on the downloading thang?

the advantage for M2 or the memo card users is that, they'll just transfer easily...

problem is, what about those people who spent large wads of munny for UMDs? they cant use it on the PSPGo

well... im usin a DS Lite for now... let's just wait what happens on the PSPGo

I guarantee there will be security systems in place to stop transfer and trading purchased titles. I read they aren't going to be discontinuing the UMD's anytime soon, so T6 will be released for Download and UMD, also there will be many mini-games for download like Tetris and Pac-man. This is sort of cool, but not nearly cool enough for me to shell out $250 for this new inconvenient system. That's only $50 less than the PS3 slim!!! Come on Sony!!!

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