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 I still haven't worked out how to use the quote function properly yet. I'm sure I used to be able to. Or maybe the forum has changed since then. Anyway... 

@Tenshi; You've started studying? Woohoo! That's great news. <3 <3 Then I'll definitely start a Japanese thread when I get a bit of time. I'm not really good enough myself to teach others. At least not without the risk of teaching people awkward grammar, but I enjoy discussing usage, translations and study methods in a collaborative way. Like sharing observations about the language and troubleshooting common difficulties and so on. 

Maybe we could try starting some of the old yot games like 'kill the previous poster' in Japanese or a mixture of Japanese and English so that those that aren't learning Japanese can join in! Or how about translation threads where we take a tekken news article and translate it together. I've done this online with songs and novels before, taking a line each and offering one another feedback and it's a lot of fun if you're into that kind of thing! I'm sure we'll work something out!

@Grey; I can definitely realate! When I was trying to learn German I lost almost all of my Japanese, but I didn't realise until I went to use it one day and it just wasn't there anymore! It was only after meeting my current partner, 5 years ago, that I decided to pick it up again (he speaks a fair amount of Japanese so it seemed like a cool thing to have in common).

I was only at around jlpt N4 level before I stopped studying, but I was able to relearn what I had known in about 5 months, which was much less time than it took me the first time around. So while you might feel as though you've forgotten, it is almost certainly still in your head somewhere! 

Having said that, I don't want to have to relearn again. I'd rather just not lose it in the first place.  My partner and I use Japanese together at home of course, but we use English much more. We mainly use Japanese for dramatic effect, or to make mad puns. In fact, the only time we speak entirely in Japanese to one another is when we're at the conversation group (English isn't exactly banned, but it's not in the spirit of the group to use it if you don't have to). When I DO say things to JP in Japanese, I'm noticing that I make way more mistakes than I used to. So I'm getting more and more concerned. 

Over the past few months I've just had no motivation to study or practice. Speaking to you lot about Japanese is getting me pumped again though. So I thank you for the motivation! Kiai! kiai! kiai! ^^

I have a ps4, but I didn't know you could use Skype on it. I don't have a headset but I guess I could try to get one if the PC version isn't compatable. 

Oh that reminds me, do you use Line? Just I'm in a group with some Japanese speaking friends and you (and any other yotians learning Japanese) would be very welcome to join. We don't use any English but people don't have to join in. We have some members that just want to observe real conversation with native speakers, even if they don't understand much yet. It's largely people from the offline group, with some people I've picked up from online communities along the way. There's a good level of Japanese ability from beginners to native speakers with some seriously advanced learners in there too! Our conversations get a bit.. well.. if it were in English iit wouldn't be suitable for work... but we have fun! 

# Jembru : へええ、グレイさんも日本語喋るんですか。知らなかった! ね、私も最近日本語で喋る機会が少なくなっちゃって、どんどん下手になるかなと心配しているので、マンジカイで日本語での会話するスレを作りましょう!それに、何なら、いつかスカイプで通話もしましょうか。
Hey I understood the gist of that! I was mostly active many some years ago when I was part of the Japanese club in my college. I've been out of touch though and I doubt my proficiency is as good as back then cause it's hard to keep up without the practice. A Japanese thread would be awesome and great practice. Skype chats would be cool too. If you happen to have a PS4, it's quite easy and it's where my headset is set up. Hopefully in the future we can have a chat party with all YOT hehe

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