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 It looks great so far, Glenn! I'm sure this will take forever, but keep up the good work, it looks to be very useful! 

Wowww!! :O That blew my mind, Glenn!! n_n ~Keep up the most excellent work!! ♡

. . . On a side note, the apartment fell through, so not moving anytime soon. u__u Decided I'll get right back to studying Mandarin and Japanese. Been writing my stories again. The ones inspired by my SC fanfics about Yoshi-san. I came up with an ending, which left me feeling nostalgic, but happy to have goal-point in sight a long way down this creative road. ♡♡♡

Cheers, bears!~ :3 ♡

Thanks fellas, I hope it will be good as well once i'm through more and clears the grammar mistakes and ect..    I thought that I should have made more, before you and grey went to evo though.

Mandrian and Japanese that's sounds really tough to do *_* once you start to get the hang of it, you should maybe make a fanfiction written in Japanese and btw why bears 

I'd like to translate my original Soul Calibur-inspired webcomic into Japanese once I'm studying/working in Japan someday. ♡

. . . Bears just cos it rhymes with cheers in my accent. n_n

Good luck with that pris =) I'll be less active around here for a short periode, but I'll be back with good stuff once I get an ethernet connection again 

I just moved to Cali but I would still love to move to Japan someday too. It's a shame right now since I don't get to use my Japanese as it isn't as common around here as it is back in Guam. Mostly using it for Japanese Tekken news and some anime.

Hey guys I've been a little behind with my yoshi plans sorry.  Settling in at school, apartment ect. it's a tad more energy consuming than I first realized but I'll catch up I have a feeling that I'll soon get right back at it again. 

Hey everyone. Sorry for the long gap between posts. Things got a bit crazy after I last post and I'm doing a lot of extra shifts at work and yot just went out of my mind for a while. I didn't just change my mind about being active here. 
Pris; Translating your comic would be fun. Personally I prefer to translate from Japanese into English because then even if I've misunderstood something in the original text, I at least know my English is coherent. I know my grammar is pretty shoddy when I write in Japanese. I sometimes use lang-8 and I get loads of corrections! I also tend to write how I speak which is fine for Line or Facebook chats with good friends but doesn't read very elegantly! ^^

I'll definitely be up for practicing with you once you can speak a little. Assuming I haven't lost it by then! Just let me know. 

Maybe we could start a Japanese-only thread to practice. If Tenshi would allow that of course. 

Speaking of my sloppy Japanese...

Grey :
I just moved to Cali but I would still love to move to Japan someday too. It's a shame right now since I don't get to use my Japanese as it isn't as common around here as it is back in Guam. Mostly using it for Japanese Tekken news and some anime. 

へええ、グレイさんも日本語喋るんですか。知らなかった! ね、私も最近日本語で喋る機会が少なくなっちゃって、どんどん下手になるかなと心配しているので、マンジカイで日本語での会話するスレを作りましょう!それに、何なら、いつかスカイプで通話もしましょうか。

You can start whatever thread you like, Jembru :)

Actually in new YOT (that's slowly coming to existence on my PC) I plan to create a whole "lifestyle" section, and there will be a place dedicated to Japanese learning & practice :) I would be honored if you could help us all polish our Japanese. I'm learning too! :)

Hi guys,
I'd like to ask for one thing - don't post or write anything until I finish new version of YOT  (should be a week left or so)
There were many changes in database and it requires me to update the new database with everything what was written here - it's not an easy task :)

Thanks! :D

Added 24 days later:

Almost a month has passed and I still haven't finished YOT... therefore I lift my request of not writing in the forums, it seems that there's still much to do anyway and I'll import all the new articles, posts and comments at once.

Why am I so late? First of all, my work... it was draining me pretty successfully during these months. Luckily our Team of developers is getting bigger so I won't be that busy anymore :)

14-16 October I'll be trying my best in Tekken 7 FR Tournament, and before it I'd like to focus on trainings;
21-23 October there's a Tournament that I'm organizing, and still there's much to do...

I think there won't be any progress up until 24th of October, so feel free to write!
I'm sorry to keep you waiting... but once I launch the new version, I hope you'll all love it. :)

In the meantime, please send me your ideas! Grey has already sent me a few awesome ideas, YOT will be really our own unique Manji place as never before :)
I'll focus on it wholeheartedly as soon as Tournament havoc is over :)

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Alright guys, I’m trying to mannish the project that I’ve started, and so far it’s going to be a humongous task to do, because the massive amount of characters and moves in Tekken. I have done much lately tbh but I’ve just started on Bob so there’s still lots of stuff to grind through. But I am going to do it!

I’ve been reflecting a quite even though I haven’t written and researched much on this guide, and one of the things is; what would be a smart way to present it.

My first idea is to make a google docs document, for sake of it’s being able to constantly update and then the work might have a change to be salvaged into T7 FR when it’s finally here.

But I have some ideas and it’s not at all final, right now for example, I’m just letting out my train of thought to see and share what I’m thinking.

First things first.
I think it would be smart sharing this guide with other Yoshi players and letting them comment and edit it (this is why I’m thinking a google doxs would be smart),

You guys are for sure the first people that I had in mind, because then more people that is more qualified, and more than just myself, would be able to give and share some of their knowledge. let’s face it I’m not the most suited for this job, but I’m just willing to do this really, and I had enough time to start on it XD

2nd I don’t think I have skills to make a guide, that’s actually enjoyable to read through.

I don’t write that well and I’m not really an experienced Tekken person, so my credibility with stuff like this, is close to zero.

it’s properly going to be more like an add on, to what the player already can, like it’s just putting on more knowledge about what yoshi can do in those situations, and giving the reader more awareness about Yoshi specially abilities and options he has.

3th. When I’m finally done with all these, it should have an awesome explanation for all the basis systems, it should be able to help anyone with playing Yoshi or even maybe just link and references to good guides perhaps.

I think you could share those resources in the Japanese thread. The only qualification you need to post there is to be interested in the Japanese language. My English translation was a bit off because I wrote it in a hurry, but in the original Japanese I had said 'This thread is for those with an interest in Japanese', meaning, even if you haven't actually started to study yet, you can ask questions or share your goals and so on. The Japanese text was really just to encourage those who want to, to practice their Japanese, and I kinda hope that maybe some Japanese members might decide to post, encouraged by the fact that some of us will understand them.  Maybe I should post in English only then, to encourage others to join in? 

Thanks for telling me about Kurokuro! There are a few Japanese lets players that I subscribe to but none of them play Tekken. I've checked out one of his videos and subscribed to his channel. Too bad the game sounds drown him out a bit though*, otherwise it would be ideal for practicing your listening while picking up Tekken vocab.

Also, I'll check out that resource link when I get a chance. I love audio lessons!

I'll keep everything crossed for Tekken 7 to be included! Looking forward to new YOT, but don't push yourself. Tournament stuff comes first! 

*EDIT: Just as I posted this, he turned his mic up because people complained in the comments on the steam. It's like he heard me complaining :o 

Haha, I feel I'm not ready for the Japanese thread you started Jembru, but I'll do my best! So far I only know basic words and of course Yoshimitsu fave yoji jukugo :) Not that much... however, I feel like I'm getting into Japanese more and more, especially thanks to watching KuroKuro Tekken 7 streams - they guy speaks a lot :D I also (FINALLY) bought myself a smartphone (yay I'm modern!) so I almost instantly installed nice Japanese & Kanji learning applications for Android. I have some personal faves so if you need any recommendations, I can list some :)

If anybody likes, check out also this place I found in the internet - it contains LOADS of Japanese learning materials, including mp3 lessons!

Just navigate this place as you would havigate windows folder.

A little update as for the New YOT - it will be online somewhere at the end of this month. I had an urgent sideproject which is a tournament website:
Now it's almost done, so I can go back to Manjikai. It's a tournament I'll be organizing in October in Poznan/Poland. I'm also trying to convince Namco to bring Tekken 7 for this tournament, that's why I had to do this asap. Keep your fingers crossed please. :)

If anyone wants to come, please do! :D It will be great fun :)

Hey, that sounds handy.  Sure, lets give that a try! 

If I'm honest, I still struggle with the kind of Japanese Yoshimitsu uses. I've been watching a show on NHK for Schools called 'ohanashi no kuni kobun' (Storyland Classics) that teaches classical Japanese to kids. I'm also listening to rakugo (I've developed an interest in all kinds of storytelling from the old Celtic bards to the modern day table top game masters/dungeon masters, but that's another story.. erm pun not intended), and there's a lot of old religious terms used there. It's seriously fast so I don't pick up much, but I'm hoping that eventually I'll be able to listen to Yoshimitsu and understand him as though he's speaking everyday modern Japanese! 

Oh and I started a thread for Japanese discussion btw. 

I wonder if we'll start attracting Japanese members eventually. That would be awesome. Just imagine; Yoshi news before anyone else! 

@Jembru - I'm still quite a beginner but I'm trying my best :)

Hmm, how about Discord for Manjikai?
I've created a 24h invitation:


There's an option for voice chats there so maybe we could use this for our voice chat meetings? :)

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