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Sooooo Wonkey's twitter just mentioned a player in Japanese arcades witnessed a bug allowing you to play Devil Jin, Kazumi, some female that looks like Jaycee and....Yoshi!!!!! I read the 2ch post Wonkey sourced too and the guy said he didn't get to take a picture but Yoshi somewhat resemebles King Gainer from Overman King Gainer.

I won't post anything yet unless it's more concrete. Just letting you guys know :D

Hey guys, I've been thinking about making teaching content for aimed for total beginners at tekken and fighting games in general. I've had my little succes with sharing little fgc on upon a few. One of things I've come to realize, which this little experinence it that how much it's fondamently changes a persons perspective upon the game when you have an actually strategi going on instead just hoping for the best when you press bottons.

You can rarely play these kind of games intuitively because lot's of the stuff in games are very unnatural for people that's not adapted to fighting games. That makes it hard to from at proper game plan, based on dumb things you have got "succes" with. Even too this day I've still play King like retard, and I would say that my Kazuya is much better by now than King, despite being the first character i've ever touched in Tekken!

So what do you guys thing about this 

 I think that's an awesome idea, the community needs more people that are willing to show people the most basic things and help them to learn! It will be very difficult but a very noble task. If you could bring even a few new players to Tekken, you would be accomplishing something that even game developers are struggling to do! I say go for it and see what you can do! 

# Jembru : Well, Yoshimitsu WAS in my version!!  Near the end, when it became clear he wasn't going appear, my boyfriend ran to my room, collected my Yoshimitsu statue and then danced him around in front of the screen, trying to make it look like he was in the movie ^^


I was reading through the chat thread, and when I came across this, I couldn't help smiling. . . Although I feel very sad with a personal situation going on, that makes me feel helpless; I couldn't help smiling cos this sounds just like something my brothers would do. They've actually drawn Yoshi-san for me purely as a surprise gift-art, when I've gone through bad spots in life before. Very sweet.

Alright I'm trying to play solo yoshi online for awhile now seeing how it goes. So far it's pretty nice, I feel that I can be pretty creative while only focusing on one character at the time, because sometimes I'll even do some moves in a panic situation that yoshi doesn't have like a basic down jab.... I really need adjustment time for being well and prepared for another play style.

People rarely don't know yoshi that well, so when you play against others I'm mostly getting pressure with b+1,1. u/f3+4, u+3+4. d+2,2,d+1 mix it up with a different timing and rainbow drop and door knocker. 

When people start understanding that those moves are + on block then it gets interesting..Will they down jab, ss or do nothing, I like throwing unblockables after them XD 
Funny stuff inclues 
When I meet a character mishima, I do bad breath stance just for letting them know that I know, I can duck their ewgfs! hei now does f,f+2 instead yee..... (Thanks for demo boss) 

Spin out of the way on tag it and whiff punishing with f,n,d,d/f+1. Tag crashing into flash sometimes they stop doing anything, so I'll have to come up with something cheap and stupid XD 

Indian stance is the best tool for checking the mentalty of your opponent. Do it (Shia labeouf) from middle to long range and begin to stall with teleportning back and do 3 when your opponent is starting to run (people will do so even with full health!). 

Suicide stuff 
ws+2, d+1+4. f,f+1+2 d+1+4 works pretty often ^^ 

I'll update this later.....

Sounds pretty cool, Glenn! ^.^ Of course it all goes over my head, but I love watching my brothers play Tekken on-line.

P.s. I really miss the shoutbox. Even a tagboard would be awesome! I've been thinking about making my own Yoshimitsu tributes on Tumblr and Instagram. I'll let you guys know how it goes. ^.^

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Alrightly I've done some couple of hours with online ranked, but not solo this time. It turns out that, I am not able to play yoshi solo yet ,since can't get enough damage to carry me to victory, and nor is defense soild enough to allow me to over come the pressure. I can't really pressure someone with yoshi sadly, I learnt that the hard way against a good nina player 3 times perfect (that hurt *_*)  so having Armor king around allows me to work weakness since I can't substitute those things with skills XD 

I was able to have fun with this today, I normally just pratice lot's of movement and stuff, because I'm much more of a glass cannon with my tekken mood than I like to be, I know that inner enjoyment scale can tip any second, and turn it into a sense of failure, rather than rewarding thing to do since.

Today wasn't one of those days luckly ^^ 

I'm finally able to raise in rank again and despite my fears of lacking abillites for adaptation. It turns out that online players aren't really that flexible either kinda makes sense actually but that's still excuse for me..
Normally when I'm playing my nerves kills me, but this time felt more in control and I didn't really think about what was doing, but more about reading my opponent habits, rather than focusing on my own performence and weaknesses for once  my heart rate was still pretty high though maybe i shouldn't drink morning coffee and play tekken 

# A.K Fan1234 : Alrighty I've done some couple of hours with online ranked, but not solo this time. It turns out that, I am not able to play yoshi solo yet ,since can't get enough damage to carry me to victory, and nor is defense solid enough to allow me to over come the pressure. I can't really pressure someone with yoshi sadly, I learnt that the hard way against a good nina player 3 times perfect (that hurt *_*)  so having Armor king around allows me to work weakness since I can't substitute those things with skills XD
I can concur that Yoshi isn't a strong solo character. He doesn't deal a lot of damage by himself and it's hard to maintain the mix-up pressure when your opponent gets a chance to switch characters. He has many options as a partner though so it's much better to take advantage of that rather than going solo.

Good to hear you're having fun playing online. I've stopped playing online for a few months now and I've only been playing offline with friends now and then. I recently gotten a PS4 and am currently mostly playing Dragon Quest Heroes. I've mostly been watching Tekken 7 vids than playing nowadays but I've been following Tekken news closely as always.

Also, I very much miss the shoutbox. Shout outs to Boss Tenshi at the EU Tekken 7 qualifier. Grats to Tissuemon who is a player I've always liked seeing since DR. Everyone playing was noticeably unfamiliar with T7 but everyone also looked like they were into the game. A shame she didn't get that far but good job nonetheless 

Yeah I have failed :/ I was too much uncomfortable with both arcade sticks which had hori parts instead of sanwa parts and with PS4 gamepad. Too bad I didn't know that I can play on a gamepad, I would bring my own (fighting commander pro).

But you know, for me Yoshi seems much stronger in Tekken 7 and I hope he will stay this way :) We will have a lot of fun if it's the case :)

Despite the end results it was very entertaining to watch all very exciting!  and finally watching some europeans playing the game (about damn time!) was a nice bonus too  

I was watching the most matches, but unforturally my schedule that day didn't allow me to watch them all, I've mostly only heard them like a potcast due to school. I was glad I could watch the most though 

Btw how did the game feel. I know it's on a different controller and stuff, but I can remember how much of a change the tekken ps2 era to ps3 was in terms of general feel, was it compairable to that? 

How did it feel?

Hmm, different. Especially sidestep of course, but the gameplay for me is in general more enjoyable. The moves have better hitboxes, everything hits better. Maybe it's just my subjective opinion...

Mastering backdash cancel will be more important in this game... my backdash is so-so, not perfect.

Wall games will be very devastating... it will be difficult to escape the wall so we've gotta watch our steps from the very beginning. ;) And Yoshi also has good wall game :D

 I've more or less given up on becoming a more competetive Tekken player.  It just takes too much time and energy, and I need all the time and energy I can get for other things, like school and work. :P  But I'm looking foward to Tekken 7 eventually being released for consoles in North America.  I want to see what kind of stories the characters have, and it'll give me a good deadline to finally finish that fanfic I started years ago. :P  (BTW, I've updated a chapter here on YOT.)

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I can relate to that feeling very much. I had a really hard time justifying my time on it as well, espeically while I was going pursuiting an education as a car mechanic, but things happened and my situation is different now. I've always had a high respect and admiration for people, that's able to play these games at a higher level, I  don't thing I would have been playing today, if it weren't for these people. I feel like I owe myself some kinda reward for my efforts with the game, I've reached a level where it would be stupid not to try it out, and have that sense of focus and concentration and frankly, I don't feel like waiting for it much more  

Anyways good to see you around Aozame, I'll be looking for to see what you'll be writing in the future 

Yes indeed, being a competitive player I can say that it takes a lot of energy... it's like sport, you have to train constantly to be in good shape. I find it hard to keep it up with all the opportunities around me, constant urge to level up my web development skills, and many projects that I have to maintain.

Like... I still have in mind that I should do something with YOT website. I hope to get it done until Christmas :)

And... great fan fiction Aozame! I've read it with much pleasure :) I dropped you a little comment on the page. More, more, MOAR! :D

Speaking of the Tekken tourney, I remember seeing the photo of Tenshimitsu and Harada-san on Twitter! Very awesome. I'm sure Yoshi-san would be proud! ^__^

Anyway, I got nothing, unless the "real life Yoshimitsu" around town counts. *laughs* No, seriously, I've had other things on my mind lately. . . Seems like bad news every other day, and I'm stressed thanks to the holidays.

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