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For those that haven't seen it, PSN FINALLY has a Yoshimitsu avatar (as well as other Tekken avatars) available on the PSstore because of SF x T.  I had to buy it almost immediately after I saw Yoshimattsu rocking it.

It's pretty sweet.  And about damn time, too! :P  I remember wanting a Yoshimitsu avatar on day one, and I was disappointed they didn't have one.

The only one they have on XBL is the Soul Cailber 4 Yoshi.
So i just made my own avatar look like his penny acarde costume Pacmen, tube sword, and everything .

LOL!  Awesome!  Cardboard Tube Samurai Yoshimitsu is awesome! XD

So, hey.  Happy Ostara, everyone!

 Have you checked out the new Fight lab video for tekken tag 2 good stuff.

You use combot through the mode and learn tekken basics through fun mini games. Acorrding to information that I read, combot will have moves from other characters, so you will learn important signature attacks from the whole rooster.

I think thats so awesome because, I never touch more the 5 out the whole bunch and I like the whole fun learning concept too, because when you aren't all like into fighting games, the huge amount of details behind the game(s) can from time to time make the whole difficult experinence dull and dry, can perhaps be turned a fun learning class with a tone of fun about it.

So I'm having high hopes for this mode and the mind set about it, so maybe then this time, it might be the right game to start a tekken revolution among my friend circle 

Really looking forward to this feature.

Yeah, I'm pretty excited to try out the Fight Lab feature as well.  I only ever use Yoshimitsu, and I'm not very strong with the basics of Tekken, so it should be very beneficial. :D

I should probably look into preordering TTT2.

makes me wonder if you need to give combot a katana, a tail or even wings for those 'specific various moves' of the tekken cast

Maybe it wouldn't be as detailed as we would like to imgaine it could be, thats my guess for it ,but I have a feeling that it would still be a ton o' fun, messing around with even a few moves.    

Yeah, you're probably right.

I remember when I first heard about how they were introducing customization in Tekken 5.  I was thinking that it was going to be super in-depth and detailed, but then it ended up being really simple.  I imagine it'll be the same for the Combot shenanigans. :P

Hey strangers! I smuggled my netbook into work so I could let those to whom is matters, know I'm alive!  Been without Internet for.. lost count of the months, and won't have it until October. Something to do with the flooding surrounding areas had, meaning the technicians are really busy.. it's an ass ache, that's what it is.

So I do intent to pop back in here more once I'm able. The other forum I use lets me post on my mobile, but this forum doesn't. I can log in, but can't edit the text box to type anything.

How is everyone doing? New jobs? New homes? New lurrrve?  Those who managed to keep in contact with me (if so, bloody well done!), will know that this last year has been a rollercoaster for me, but I won't go into that. I've found my little corner of contentment, that's the main thing.

Anyway, catch you all soon. Glad to see so many of you gorgeous people are still around!


 Hey Jembru!  I was wondering what happened to you! :P  Glad to hear you're still alive. lol!

I have a new job, now that you mention it.  I started working at a comic book/gaming store.  It's really fun. :D

I've been feeling a little stifled from the lack of a new love interest, but I'm hoping to change that soon. ;)

 Glad to hear you're doing well! I'm good too, Tekken Tag 2 is so great, it's going to consume my time for a long time to come! I've also started a team on the World Tekken Federation called "The Manji Clan" if anyone from Manjikai is interested, you are more than welcome of course... 

 Yo guys! Knew it would be a little more active when Tag comes out. Been around TZ and ManjiKai but I don't really post much anyway, I just mostly read whatever I can. Busy with college but I'm actually graduating this semester. Now that Tag is out, I'm going to have to juggle school and Tekken. Hopefully I don't drop anything hahaha.

Oh and I'll try to check out the Manji team Matt. My connection isn't all that great though so I doubt I'll be playing online much.

Hey everyone, it's good to see the forum's relatively alive again thanks to TTT2's release ^^.
Finished my first year of college and going to continue at it, I guess :p.

Gonna check out your manji clan Yoshimattsu, I've been rusty for a while, but I feel like playing tekken competetive again.

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