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If it's something you see when you play through the game as Armor King, then I haven't seen it. :P

Interesting.. Please do enlighten us on this one AKFan, you got me curious as well

Its just playing the armor king stage as yoshimitsu then you will find what I mentoned 


Darn it. I wish the PSP version of Tekken 6 had scenario campaign. :P

So, I'm back from the island invitational.  I played horribly.  I ended up focusing too much on my evasion, movement, and being 'flashy' and it hurt my gameplay because I was allowing the enemy to hit me with stupid stuff.  It was a learning experience, though.  I just need to play smarter in the future, and I will improve on that. 

Tenshi, I got your ims the other night but my internet has been down since I returned from the tournament.  I'll try and catch up with you to discuss my shortcomings :\  Hopefully vids will be up to share with the rest of the yotians shortly.  One thing I did notice... bb1+2 isn't always guaranteed... at max range it's duckable, I learned this the hard way vs onistompa.

Aozame, I got your message on PSN as well once I got home, but then as stated, my internet took a crap on me.  I'm hoping everything will be fixed today and we can get some games in or chat about some stuff. 

To anyone that was rooting for me, I'm sorry to have let you down :\ 

You didn't let us down, Junon!  You learned a lot and I'm more than sure you represented Yoshimitsu well!  That's all anyone could ask for. :D  I'm excited to hear what you have to say about your experience (teach me everything! LOL!), so don't be so hard on yourself, dude.

I still think you're great!

This is my office as of 10am this morning :\  I have to go through each of these, purge the old documents, and refile everything.

I hate everything and everyone right now :( :( :(

Cept' you guys, yer all a-o-k in my book!

Wow, that sucks, dude. :(  I remember having to do boring tasks like that in the military all the time.  At least it should make the clock go by fast! :P


Talk about a Sisyphean task....
I feel sorry for you >.<

 That must suck beyond imgaination, I hope that I will never have anything like to affort my living   

# A.K Fan1234 : Its just playing the armor king stage as yoshimitsu then you will find what I mentoned 

I do know how he uses one of Armor King's kicks [in soulcaliber] Which I think is his kick... I do know he also uses a drunk master's move :D he's just too awesome

Yoshimitsu?  Too awesome?  Surely you jest!  Tohohohoho!

 Indeed, indeed! hehe

So, something happened this morning that made me very sad.  I'm a mod over at Tekken Nation, and while I love the community there and love being a mod, I felt very unwelcome there.   There's this online fighting game reality show called "Cross Assault," and after receiving sexual harassment, one of the female competitors forfeited a match.  Here's an article about it:


Well, I gave my input on the matter, and I was pretty disappointed from the reactions of my fellow mods.  It made me feel pretty shitty, to be honest.  I'm just glad I've never felt bad after coming here to Manjikai.  You guys and gals are awesome. :D

 Ouch, I can't believe the garbage that came outta this guy's mouth, it's so dumb that it's funny lmao I'm starting to wonder who raised this kid

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