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# Junon : We need to get some kinda forum stimulation going.  Way too quiet around here :\  Does anyone even play anymore?

you know that reminds of the cracked article read about Unintentionally Creepy Places on the Internet there was a case with a buffy fansite where there was only one active member around and person posted like all there stuff by herself and has made close to 40.000 alone


LOL!  I loved Cracked.  Such crazy, funny stuff.

 I love there disney analysis too, where you find out how toned down, there versions is compaired to the real deal, its funny how someone at disney headquarters found those tales kid material, it wouldn't suprise me if there they take what orgially was made to be a horror movie and turn it into the next disney hit someday XD

I've been a bit occupied with college tbh.
Also, haven't been playing Tekken at all lately, but you can still catch me playing King Of Fighters or Street Fighter

I still play, but with MW3 now, and Soul Calibur 5 soon taking up most of my time, I'm down to about 2 nights a week of Tekken... Mostly Roger training..

# Tenshimitsu : Maybe I should hire some of you as ManjiKai co-admins and moderators? :)

Hey, Boss, I'm actually a moderator at another Tekken-based fansite called Tekken Nation, so I have a bit of experience if you're still considering a moderator.  I'd love to help you tidy this place up. :D

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I was on facebook earlier today, and I stumbled upon something that made me angry.


We're all taught that getting old is a bad thing, and yet when someone tries to conform to society's impossible standards, what happens? They're treated like this.

When did it become moral and just to talk about another human being this way, regardless of their beliefs and choices?

In other, happier news, I finished the Yoshimitsu plush doll! :D


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Respect to you for posting that comment on facebook  

Thanks, man.

Sorry I didn't see your message till late, Aozame.  We'll get some games when I get back from being out of town this weekend -- speaking of which:


Watch me tear it up at the island on Saturday!  If I don't come back Monday, avenge my death.

Alright, Junon!  Show 'em what Yoshimitsu can do!


And LOL!  I swear I won't rest until it's done. :P

Good luck, Junon! I count on you. May Yoshiness be with you :) Record fights!!

Check out the mental preparation stuff I wrote, I'm also curious about your comments.

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if you're still online, let's go to chat ^^

So, hello everyone. :D  I hope you've all been doing good.

I'm leaving for Germany this weekend!  Yay! ^,^

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Oh, and just for the lulz:


That's a hilariously altered image from the anime Tekken movie.  My brother and I always thought it kinda looked like they were holding hands, so we just added a few things to seal the deal. :P

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 Yey I have often imgained it before and it could work out, thanks to yoshis interest in armor king ( T6 scenerio campagn)


So hey, AK, how have you been?  (I'm so happy that someone has finally posted something new here! :P)

What Yoshi's interest in AK you mean in particular? :) I don't remember something like this in scenario campaign.

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