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Antisocial phone indeed.  No one even replies to emails or messages I send from it. Either the phone is subliminally telling them not to speak to me, messages just don't sent from it, but show up in my sent box even if I am on my netbook, or I have royally pissed everyone off and officially have no online friends anymore and they just haven't the backbone to tell me!  (Not you AK, thanks for going to such lengths to get in touch with me, I appreciate your patience and understanding!)

Well, Facebook seems to work, but that has a special feature for Android, as you know. As for other sites, some work and some don't. I can usually log in but it tends to come down to the text box not letting me type in it.

Anyway, as it has now been over 3 weeks since anyone replied to any of my mails, I will assume I probably won't hear from you in the next week, and so I'll wish you now a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Hope 2012 is a great year for everyone.

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Seems like the editor doesn't really work as expected.
I'm sorry that I edit all your messages ^^

I'll sit down in the weekend and try to fix it.

@Jem - I don't understand 3 weeks you're talking about... Last email I've got from you was sent 6th of December (in which you replied to my email which was sent 18th of November), I can't see it being 3 weeks from now, it's just 10 days. :) I'm really sorry I can't reply to you almost instantly as I usually do, but I'm recently really busy.

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Hey, Boss, I have a question.  Are we still allowed to use Private Messaging?  I can't seem to find it.

Yeah, there are private messages: you have to click on your nickname displayed at the top menu for the scroll-down menu to appear ^^

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By the way... how about creating your blogs? Sumsamurai? Jembru?

I want to delete old blogs and move your old pages to new blogs, but I won't be able to do this if you don't create your blogs.

Please do it ASAP :)


Very excited. 

# Junon : http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=122553&perpage=20&pagenumber=1

Very excited. 

Very interesting indeed, r you or Tenshimitsu being concidered?

I was officially invited yesterday.  Expect some crazyness during the stream :p

 Congrats you are really moving up in tekken society but wonder when you play as crazy as you do. 

Big congratz, Junon :) Show all of them how sharp Yoshi's sword is :)

As for me, I'm going to show up during Assembly tournament in Finland, 25th of February.
I'm going to prepare myself carefully fot this event...

Thanks all, I will do my best to show them what yoshi is all about. 

Tenshi, any idea if the tournament you're attending will be streamed?  I'd love to see some more of your gameplay!

Ahh, my gameplay.... basic poorness ;) You really want to watch my sweat, blood & tears? :P
But I'm going up with more and more shenanigans recently, at last with good results even versus good players ;) (b,b+1+4~1+2 really rocks!)

Here's the tournament thread:

I also hope there will be stream but who knows...

My Yoshi is feeling fine recently, hope it will last until February.
We're doing daily workouts :P Still he has to lose some weight and gain some execution/reflexes speed, haha. ;)

# Tenshimitsu : (b,b+1+4~1+2 really rocks!)

Totally forgot about that shenanigan!
It's going instantly in my personal game set-ups ;D

 You tekken players, so pefection seeking is making you feel so damn lasy even thought its "just" a game, its makes you wonder if you are that much in too details  in everyday life.

About that tournament in Finland, you could force koga to be your own personal cheerleader, wouldn't that just be fun XD 

I don't think so, it's more probable that she would force me to be her cheerleader ;) LOL

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Smiley test:

image test:

Now you can use the "browse" button in image menu as well: it browses your personal File Space.

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Nice. :D

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