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Wewt! o:

Hello everyone! :D

Say, has anyone seen Tenshimitsu on the site recently? She seems to have disappeared or something. :P

Well every one have been gone for a while so it wouldn't a suprice that the sites usual visitors are gone for a periode

I didn't disappear.
I'm pretty busy recently, for example: working on new YOT version. :)

I think you'll like some new features ^_^ It's going to be great :)
But lots of work still before me.

I can't wait for Tag 2!! I hope it comes to the PS Vita so I can play it at work with full psn connectivity, that plus Harada's online practice mode idea would really burn up those late night hours with nothing to do.

Imagine Manjikai training sessions in Online Practice Mode. ^^ That would be a blast!

Exactly!! It would be super fun, and would have to be about the best way to learn/play online, no one would be salty about the signal if there were no wins/losses being recorded.

I have disappeared. I am currently just a floating face and hands (think Haunter from pokémon).

I lost myself in a game and I am also working on a book. I've been writing it on and off for a few years now but I want to do more because my boyfriend and I are saving for a deposit to get our own place next year (I'm still living with my friend and it's awesome, but not an arrangement that can last for ever). A small cheque from the sale of my book would be a massive help, but it is time consuming and might come to nothing.

Anyway. Many of you know already, but for those who don't, I stopped using msn a few months ago as I felt it starting to melt my brain. This was not at all the fault of the people I chatted to there. You were all wonderful and beautiful souls. It was just the long pauses combined with those times when we had nothing to say but were online out of habit, that were making me think 'I could be at the gym, walking along the beach, or tidying my room right now'. Well, I think someone hacked into my account because I couldn't get into hotmail with my usual password. I have since changed it, got in just once and then forgot the new password. Basically, I am dumping that account now so anyone who has mailed me at my hotmail address won't get a reply and I won't reappear on msn.

My boyfriend has set up a skype account for me and I have a gmail address that has been my main email address for the last 2 years anyway. So if anyone wants these details who doesn't already have them, please PM me. I'm sorry we have all lost touch. I never meant to just stop speaking to everyone like that. My life just changed so dramatically in a very short time and now I find myself a lot busier than I used to be. I really don't want to lose contact with you people though. One was more than enough!! ;)

Same here...busy busy. If i'm not working, i'm going to work. One day i'll have spare time. Hope everyone's all well. :)

Yoshi confirmed for Soul Calibur V!


I was actually getting worried for a while..
Imagine yoshimitsu not being in the new soul calibur o_O

I can't imagine it :)
Yoshimitsu's Manji Clan is too strong to allow for it. :P

Wow, YOT is looking awesome!! Nice work Tenshi!

I actually discovered this a few days ago but I was on my phone and although it lets me log in now, it doesn't let me type anything. Guess I had better get to work on my blog!  I wish my stupid phone would let me post on yot. I could be so much more active then. I am hardly ever at my netbook these days unfortunately.

 They wouldn't dare take Yoshi from Soul Calibur! He's pretty much a trademark for the game... And Its only source of weirdness and culture.. Soul Calibur just wouldn't be the same... Everyone, even non-yoshi players would probably hate it. ;)

Sucks for your antisocial phone Jem... Have you tried everything to get it to work? Can it write on other websites and not here?

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I agrre with the weirdness and especially culture ,if it was only the first part mentoned they could do only with voldo then, his looks like sm bondage slave and sounds like something strait out of silent hill for god sake and if thats not disturbing and scary I don't what is. 

And yet you gotta love Voldo XD

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