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Hi! Again :P

I'm as fine as... well whatever's doin fine :)

howbout you Aoz

WHAT'S UUP peoplez!

Hi guys... Wassup... Can some one help kort in introduction forum... Afterall we are Manji...and Yoshi's know for helping... So HELP him... Thanks

# Kai : Hi! Again :P

I'm as fine as... well whatever's doin fine :)

howbout you Aoz

Sorry for the late reply. :P I'm doing quite well, actually. I went to a Korean church earlier today. I'm not much of a religious person- at all- but I love practicing my Korean, so it was a lot of fun. :D My younger brother went with me. He's really nice, but shy, so it was a little difficult for him. He felt bad about not being as social, so we went to the library and found a few good self-help books. It was nice, because the library is really close to our apartment.

How was your day?

# xXAngelBoyXx : WHAT'S UUP peoplez!

LOL! Not much. I'm just reading a book I got from the library called "Kabul Beauty School." It's a memoir of sorts written by a hairdresser who went to Afghanistan and opened up a beauty school and salon. It's really an incredible story, to see such strong women in a place that could be perceived as scary.

But anyway, how are you?

nothing much... just chillaxin' while I should be working for school =D

OMG!! I've just had to sit through the South Park episode where they tried to speak German. I will never again say my German sucks. Never, ever again. This was so bad it physically hurt to listen to it. Next time I am self-conscious when chatting in German, I'll just remember this and know, it could be a lot worse. Sorry to rant but I had to get it off my chest.

Although.. the funnybot was based on Dr. Who daleks and THAT is pretty awesome. Dr. Who rocks!!!

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What do you call a person who talks like this " A cow can be of few basics colour, sometimes with patches.. It can be black or white ... Sometimes it can be brown also or even red colour. Some times the colour of cow can also be a mixture of white cow and black patches.. Or black and white patches ... Or red with white patches ....basically the cow... Can be of various colours... " remember i just told about colour... What if he tells everything from has to milk.... i am sitting in this kinda meeting from 10am till Now.... I cant run away from this also....ahhh

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I think somepart of my brain is permanently damaged....

Added 5 minutes later:

I cant even puke.....

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I wish there was a like button

There will be "like" button in the new version of the site, which will come out somewhere a month before YOT 10th anniversary.

# Tenshimitsu : There will be "like" button in the new version of the site, which will come out somewhere a month before YOT 10th anniversary.

Excellent!! ^^

That's great news. I've often wished for a 'like' button because some posts are just pure genius but there's not really anything to add. Can't wait for new YOT now. Exciting times indeed.

Oh...Great.. New site outlay... Can you check that website on mobile... And check if possible...

I have a favor to ask you guys, do have a special strategy for pressured siturations, if so help wanted please :(

You mean in Tekken, playing Yoshi?

during pressured situations (while playing Tekken), this is what I feel:
-I get scared to use juggles sometimes
-I block my LOW most of the time
-Get scared when my foe wants to throw me (triggering me to do a throw)

during pressured situations I:
-usually poke or use quick hits on my foe (when using Yoshi, I will use the ff attacks more: d/f+1 | d/f+4 | 3~4)
-hit my opponent LOW

^I've been practicing to avoid these, but I sometimes still do these when pressured

But the thing is, just keep your cool B) especially when you're low on health. Getting pressured can actually help the opponent defeat you easier

(Although that's what I do, I'm not sure how BOSS TENSH does it)
well, I hope this helps ^__^ just listen to BOSS TENSH if BOSS speaks, the BOSS' words of wisdom are, really ;), worthy...

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