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# xXAngelBoyXx : disney 'gone hardcore
Innit.. Middle fingers, swears and songs about suicide... What next?! Think I know.., Disney sex, violence and faces of death.. lmao

Hmm.. Just for my peace of mind, you guys DO know this is just a youtube spoof, right? ^^

It gets me everytime at get your hands in the f%¤#ing air. The disney version of the behemoths demigod is just as good if not better and you consider its that kind of band is. they are that kind of band that got it themself banded poland in the contry where the band was fromed, but they are allowed to play there now the reason why they were banded for a while is because frontman ripped a bible in two onstage and thought at was appropriate to do, and that makes it that much better :))

I'm a christian BTW

Oh jeez

I am Toramitsu! Had enough?

I shall assist your suicide!

A blazing fire becomes dying embers...


Hey, is anyone else having issues signing into Playstation Network? I've looked online and it is happening to a lot of people and seems to be a maintanence issue we just have to ride out. This sucks though, I mean, I only just decided yesterday to start playing online on Tekken, I am bored out of my mind because everyone is working besides me and now I can't even find strangers to play with ^^

This is not half the rant it could have been.. hehe.

PSN is currently under hacking attack of the group of hackers called Anonymous. Google it to read more about it :)

I would suggest not playing Tekken in rank mode online right now as you might be penalized for disconnections.

@Jembru, well lets see if i could help with your boredom. this is a video of one of my many neighboring islands... lol... just watch n tell me what u think...


damn you Anonymous group!!!

Normally, I agree with anons actions. But this is punishing sonys customers, not sony.

I coulda sworn they mentioned that in one of their previous press releases, and called off their attack accordingly the last time this happened -- a few weeks ago. Oh well.

Well, I've been watching it and both Anonymous and Sony are denying that this is anything to do with Anonymous. Apparently they threatened action but it was settled last week. So.. who knows what this is. If Anonymous are denying it then they have nothing to gain from it. Well, lets just hope it's fixed soon so I can get back to losing in style!!!

LOL! Same here. :P

But yeah, I heard Anonymous was denying it, so I have no idea...


But hey everyone! ^,^

Xbox live is FINEEEE

Lol just kiddin I got nothin against Psn :)) Hi Aozame

Certainly isn't the Manji attacking PSN...[]

Hey Kai! :D How have you been?

How has everyone else been?

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