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Indeed, her combos were unbelievably awesome!! I still can't see well, because of that sheer awesomeness you performed last night. Never have I witnessed such superb combos on my face.
She kept delivering left and right punches in a combo and eventually launched me in the air, I was long dead, but she still continued her combo, eventually round 2 started and her combo still wasn't done yet.

I lost 2 rounds because of that combo!!!

I'm still dazzled and amazed of what happened last night... x_X

LOL! That whole fight sounds so funny! :))

Good news it seems like we can expect a nostalgic game finally, remixed BGMs from older games yup thats right maybe we even find some familiar places and I can't wait to see how a remastered serene forest might look.

The only thing so far that returning is a mishima high school look alike stage but I can't be a coincidence It mustn't be :(

take a look look and judge for yourself

It's true what they say about the media dramatising news.

My brother and grandfather in law decided to climb some rocks at the beach and someone called emergency services.. They were not in anyway 'trapped' and my brother did not get hypothermia... He was just fine. Though, they were taken to the hospital for a check over. Funny that.. How climbing a rock gets you sent to hospital.. But when I had my motorbike accident the police and ambulance pretty much told me to walk it off..


It should be made illegal to lie in news papers... A stupid lie like this could cause unnecessary change within our world environment.. The local council might consider blocking public access from the rocks. And what for??? A stupid greedy lying money munching capitalistic news paper!!!

thats common everywhere just look at the "dangerous" storms over here in Denmark where a roof was lifted off a garage and was nearly causing a major house and the interviewer spends like 15 minutes asking the bored looking person about how frighting it were to watch but yesterday you heard at the tornado ruined a whole building over in the U.S :P

I knew some one how had been in a bus accident where they explained that they left the sight with minor bruises but telling it over and over to make it more dramatic, but its a newspaper always have that in mind then you read stuff like that people XD

Yea, but it's not right.. They are allowed to lie, distort and twist news because they own contracts. It's always too much bad news... Stuff like that can make people depressed and paranoid. I hate reading the news papers; even with an open mind all i see is how crap politics and the world is. I wait for a day when news media are at war with each other, pointing out their lies.

I think that would never happen not to sound pessimistic but as long as the money factor they will show you those little details and leave a big part of the puzzle.

I can remember the those analysis's with a graph of how much young Danes drink, they show a graph with a big amount alcohol but the it only show from 1980, 1990, 1995, 2000,2010 that ends with a graph that looks like the drinking has massively risen over the years because theres only 5 five time periods instead of showing and graph with including all the years that where left out the would make more stable increase instead of other that would make it look like drastic change over the years.

BTW the Danes are the nation that drinks the most beer measured by how much the average person drinks so they drink a all but those graphs are making bad seriously bad but people see with there eyes and are quick to judge and assume wrong conclusions but you can't really blame them because you are easily fouled if you are not aware of it ;)

Really cool Yoshimitsu mask

Me want me want!!

Ever wondered what Yoshimitsu does when he isn't taking part in tournaments? Like many famous people out of work, he tries his hand at theatre...

Yoshi Theatre

For someone with such awesome fighting moves, he sure can't dance ^^

ahhaha Yoshi seriously stands out when the dance part begins, mainly because he utterly fails in it xD

check this out fellow manjis http://www.next-gen.biz/features/the-return-of-tekken-tag-tournament

already read it, but great post AK

This should really be in fun stuff but.. well.. it fits here too as anything goes in here.

Omg that is a joke right? Disney..? Horrible!!!

disney 'gone hardcore

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