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LOL! That craigslist thing is crazy! It can't be real. There's just no way...

Shoutbox is functional... on the development site, yet.

I've got only a few things to do:

1. a little tune up of forum posts looks
2. correct the media gallery skin
3. check all articles whether the formatting is right
4. write a little script to show newest comments.

And we'll welcome the new YOT ^^

Yay! :D

Will I have to re-submit my fanfics onto the new site?

Nope. The articles will stay there, I put much effort to make them display as they should (we have changed internal coding of data). So it will most probably mean that when copy-pasting your fanfic from word document, the quotes won't turn into question marks.

That's great news. It'll save me a lot of time, so I'll be able to make updates faster.

03:21 at my clock... I wonder how I will get up for work, but new YOT almost ready :D Gosh... but it is worth it. :D

Wow! Don't work too hard now. :p

Cool! I can't wait to see new YOT. :D

I had a nice break away in Brighton with friends last week, and I ticked off many new life experiences! Accidently flooding a spa bath, eating sweets with bugs and scorpions in them. I enjoyed complaining about this deceitful internet café which charged me 50p for 3 minutes - I've never typed so fast on a slow computer! And was disgusted by a Burger King who thought they could charge me 10p for ketchup! Grrr.. I walked along the beach in the dark. It was spooky, the seas horizon blended with the sky, and the waves looked like melted solder trying to catch my feet.. One night, I watched drunk men fight outside my hotel window! I chucked my chewing gum at them while they were brawling, and it hit one of them on the head and he was like "what the hell..?" and then immediately carried on fighting.. haha good times! :D

Checkin' out that tasty barley suga treat right there.. mmm... XD

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sounds like you had a lot fun going there :p

Okay... expect the launch of new YOT today at night :)

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I've seen plenty of those candies with insects in them, but I've never been brave enough to try them! I think the only thing I'd be willing to eat is chocolate-covered ants. :p

I'm excited for the new YOT launch! :D

The new site just looks amazing!!! Very modern! Excellent work Tenshi!

I'm very glad you like it, Matt :)

This is awesome! I'm loving the new smileys. :P

like woah?! it been a while since I last visited YOT... been busy for a lot o' activities...

anyway... nice work Boss Tensh!!! Manjikai looks AWESOME!!! :D :D :D :D

i miss the :yes emoticon... but still, it's so awesome!!!

gotta be active again in YOT! xD

cheerio! xD

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