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thats cool my familiy also have a dog, just walk/run with them through the forest or beach and have the experince watching the animal happy is a true joy :satisfied

Aggghhh! I just called Virgin Media *Named to shame* my cable provider to complain about over-charging. They've been charging me for a large TV package for 6mts when I've only been receiving medium. I realised this only yesterday as I'd loaned the TV box to my mum for a while. She had left her ex TV providers 'SKY' because they were being assholes... Virgin is refusing to reimburse me for my loss because " I " (Me the customer) didn't report the problem to them. WTF? They installed it, they send the signal! :(( Incompetent idiots!! Who would actually sit and count their TV channels anyway? Plus, It's not my job to do their work for them! That's like a cancer patient telling the doctor what is wrong with him. >:-(

My blood is boiling.. Shall I take it to trading standards? I have no evidence other than bank statements.. And Virgin's customer service has changed my package back to large without my permission, and swiftly avoided answering my questions regarding reimbursement like mini politicians... This exact same shite has happened to me before with their TV and Telephone package. The stigma is that they knew I was receiving medium.. But refused to give anything back because I didn't report it. I'm soo pissed.. A real f/ck off..


Ok.. Now I got mum involved she loves to sue and kick butt - And does it very well... If Virgin doesn't reimburse what they owe we'll sue them for being asshole and breach of contract. We're also taking some scooter company to court for selling me a dodgy moped.. Why can't these companies just keep their sh/t straight?!! Plus, I hate the way they just decide to change their contracts to benefit their own... Really makes me mad, it should be illegal. - This is the breaching of contract, which is a service that was agreed by the company and customer. But then they just change it at a whim, and somehow expect people to take it up the ass? ...And if you say 'NO' you get penalised... Dude! Can I sue for corporate rape? lol...:p

These big company's suck.. :yes

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Does anyone know when we're getting the regular shoutbox back?

Somewhere at the beginning of next week. :)

That's great news! :D

better later than never 8)

YEY!!! This be a glorious day! :D

My family get to bring home our new puppy in 14 days time. Yey! Another little furry person! My cat will be ever so pleased! ...Not xD

Awww~! I wish I could have a puppy! I live in a dormitory, so I can't have a pet. I think I'd actually like a kitten more than a puppy...

I'm getting a few new tarantulas soon!! I think I'll try my hand at breeding them for some side money..

Wow, tarantulas? That's pretty exotic. I've recently developed a soft spot for spiders, but it only amounts to not killing them when I find them indoors. I don't know if I could ever manage them as pets, however. Tarantulas are cute, though. :)

Update: Yay! My good friend who lives in Oceanside gave me a surprise visit! There I was, sitting in Olive Garden, and he showed up out of no where and had dinner with me! (Oceanside, is, like, 7 hours away...)

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I was looking for a companion for my cockatiel and I came across this WTF weirdness joke. o.O


when everything goes right, the shoutbox will be today at night or tomorrow... still new things emerging as I'm doing my job.

Super cool !!!

I might be getting another bird just like this one.

Very nice bird.. He can give me his kisses. :D

Yay I bought a video capture peripheral. Once I work this thing I'll upload all the Tekken sessions I've been doing.

Jedi is a beautiful Ringneck.. That's a great pet bird in general... I can't wait to see pictures!!

Also I'm very excited for our new shoutbox Tenshi!!

And Grey, I'm seriously looking forward to seeing your vids dude!

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