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while shoutbox is closed, we are just gonna use this

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Hey!! What a great idea!!! I was starting to get worried that people stopped coming around. Good thinking Glenn! Maybe this will stir up some activity.

This wouldn't be counted as spam, right? ^^;

Anyhow, I think this is a good idea. :)

How's all Yoshi fans today? :D

Super duper today!! Excited for Tekken 6 just gotta save the money for the ps3

i personal think we are doing great, just look at gattsu mask that is cool

Yeah very cool, I would love a Yoshi costume!

I recently came across a good Yoshimitsu cosplayer on dA, also very nice person. Their cosplays of Yoshimitsu was just so amazing. :D

I really can't wait to see Yoshimitsi in both Tekken 6: BR + Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny for myself. ^__^

i´m looking forward too see the the end result, but as it looks so far it is gonna awesome

Yeah I have high hopes for the online play but I have a feeling it will still have lag issues.

i think no matter what it will be better than tekken 5 dr online, it just have too

I'd love to play with you guys online someday on Tekken. :) Although, my best fighter is Bryan - my brother plays as Yoshi. ^^;

As soon as I have online and a ps3 I will be looking for all of you, but I think playing with opponents from other continents will still be rough.

LOL OMG!!! You guys were quick to respond XD

best fighter Armor king supprice XD, second gonna be yoshi, but i accept your challenge player name is yaxxbass, so just send me a pm and i will be ready

I really only use Yoshi on a serious level.....I am also good with King and Steve but I will probably be using Yoshi for a long time at first to get the feel of his new movelist

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