What Are Your Favourite Moves and Combos?

Here are some of my favourites:

Eddy or Christie's 'Fruit Picker'

Kuma or Panda's 'Rolling Bear'

" " " 'Rock And Roll Circus'

Any JACK's 'Piston Gun'

Yoshimitsu's 'Sword Poke'

" 'Slap U Silly'

What About You?

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Hmm... my favourites? I'll take a copy/paste from my Fun Stuff FAQ:

1.Dr.Bosconovitch - Super Doctor
2.Yoshimitsu - Clonimitsu
3.Forest Law - Atomic Drop
4.Gon - Dino Fart
5.Paul Phoenix - Idiot Flip Kick
6.Bryan Fury - Mach Breaker
7.Ling Xiaoyu - Big Jump
8.Gun Jack - Back-throw
9.Heihachi Mishima ? Demon Palm
10.Jin Kazama - Ki Block

Hmm... this is a tough one.

1.) Yoshimitsu: Thunder Blade
2.) Yoshimitsu: Flash
3.) Kunimitsu: Kunai Sky Drop
4.) Nina Williams: Bad Habit
5.) Bryan Fury: Fisherman's Slam
6.) Hwoarang: Torpedo Kick
7.) Raven: Phantom Roll (now this is creepy!)
8.) Paul Phoenix: Tomoe-Nage
9.) Ling Xiaoyu: Raccoon Swing to Mistrust to Storming Flower (this rocks!)
10.) Heihachi: Demon Breath

Yoshimitsu : suicide (i have hope to write this correct ) one of best tekken move great damage and you can suprice enemy :] .

Sorry for me english !!!

Ok here's mine then:

1) Yoshimitsu: Cyclone lift d+1+2 (Don't know why but it looks funny when you use it when you've won a round and even hilarious if they get launched from it.)

2) Heihachi Mishima: Reverse Thingymajig B+2+4 (It looks hilarious and funny when you kill yourself with it.

3) Paul Phoenix: D, ~d,u+1+4 Incomplete somesault (Again it looks funny.)

4) Kuma\Panda: Dancing Kuma\Panda (again hilarious and deals sooo much damage if it hits.)

Yoshimitsu: every single move he possesses. :) Especially Flash, Soul Siphon, and Dragonfly.
As far as usefulnes: definitely Sword sweep :)

jin kazama,s 'tidal wave' is my fave.:D

ganryus f,f+3+4 (cant remember the name).. but that looks funny.. especielly when it crushes a low attack.. I used against bryans snake-edge sometimes.. way to funny..:)

- Yoshis's T3 mirror throw. (A bit irratating he melts to one again. Emagine two Yoshis after this!? :D)
- Marduk's Grund throw/f,f+1+2 throw. (I'm seriously in love with that guys brutality! :D)
- Yoshi's f,f+2 on CH.
- Bryan beatin up the opponent after a won fight.. (Not a move, i know - but what the hell. The guy has a sweet sense of humor!)

Can't think of more right now...

Yoshi's flea, not doing any attacks or anything, just him stting on his sword.
And bouncing. OMG THE BOUNCE. Funny to watch. HILARIOUS TO WATCH.

Oh and when he sits cross-legged on the ground and starts to like, move around, like he's rubbing his ass on the ground.

I was doing it on my PSP and my friends were crackin up!

Oh and which buttons are 1 2 3 and 4?
Please don't flame me for asking that, I already know I'm a noob.

well I like the Suicide....Most... its looks cool and confusion makes it more intresting... sometimes i just use it on beginners ......... suicide looks so cool and does awesome damage .. wow....

I like soul Siphon..d,d+f,f+2.... i like the way the Opponets tremble and shout when yoshi is sucking out their soul...I wish it had no reversal...
Sword sweep was the first catch move on tekken 3 and i liked Ninja blade Rush( on Ch) from TK3...Flashy Sword.. Death Copter..sword stab so many......... and in Tk5 Thunder blade also Look nice but is less useful...hey prison gate is also nice..........come on who am i kidding ..... Every move of Yoshi Rocks for me :)

My Favourite Yoshi moves are:

Sword Flash (B+1+4)
Kamikaze (f+3+4)
Manji Dragon Fly Stance (u+1+2)

My Favourite Raven Moves:

Death from Above (d/f+1+2)
Undertaker (f,d/f,d,d/b,b,f+1+2)

1. Hwoarang - Hunting Hawk (I think it's awesome)
2. Yoshimitsu - HARAKIRI! xDDD
3. Bears - Bear Hug xD
4. Yoshimitsu - Flea

And other Yoshi's move and Kazuya's move that I don't remember name...

How can you like Harakiri? ^^ It damages poor Yoshi. Bad, bad... :blush :p

As for Tekken 6, I love his KinChou Stance and all moves out of it. Hissatsu!

Tenshimitsu : How can you like Harakiri? ^^ It damages poor Yoshi. Bad, bad... :blush :p

Because it's really funny xD "Now feel the power of my combo! *harakiri*"

And I like the move when Lee screams like a little girl xD