Upcoming Tournament

Tourney Here's the link it will be going on Sept. 11-13 in the UK They will have open play on T6 console version. See you there!!!

cool tekken 6 its before release date and there is soul calibur too :D

Damn.... why now? Why why why??

A year ago, I'd be all signed up with flights, hotel tickets and everything... but now I am saving like crazy for moving to Germany (or attempting to at least :D) and don't even have the annual leave from work to spare.

Also... just to add to the depressing situation, my PS3 has decided to rebel against the lack of attention I give it. It has decided that, as I rarely use it other than to play music CD's, it would go on disc-strike and refuse to play any discs. I bought it for Tekken 6 and now I'll have to spend a chunk of my precious savings on getting the darned thing fixed.

This is of course essential. I mean, all alone in a new country without so much as a PlayStation? Who could survive that??? Well, okay, I survived without so much as a PC or internet in Japan (and internet cafes are freaky there :O_o) but that was BEFORE I discovered Yoshimitsu.

Wow, complaining on YOT feels great!! I should vent here more often.. though maybe that's better saved for blogs.

Sorry to write so much just to say, 'I can't go to it unfortunately', but I've always been long-winded and besides, these long posts balance out all the one-liners we seem to get these days.


are you still awake?


Did you read all of this?


I'll be asking questions later...

And the tourney is on my birthday!!!! AND OMG!!!! It's in HARROW!!! That's my old hometown. And btw.. For anyone that needs to know, next to Harrow Leisure Centre there's a big skate park. :D I'd like to go. Just for a looky and some drinks later on of course. 8)

hmm.. I hope you get your PS3 fixed soon Jem. And I think you should also ask them why it wouldn't reset itself, that was really weird... It really does look like yours has a mind and feelings of it's own! :p

Jem I think that´s a warranty case. No need to pay anything normally.

And cool, a tournament, but without having played T6 before it´s kinda useless to participate, not that I could afford to travel to the UK anyway.
But if some YOTians will be there, how about making those t-shirts for that event, Matt?
Even though u´ve planned that for Vegas. ;)
But hey, the more opportunities to wear it the better, right?