Happy Birthday YOT

Well, the day has come to wish this forum a happy 8th birthday. That also means that we need to reveal the results of the YOT awards... Well, there were a few ties actually but here are the results..

Best artist- Kogamitsu
Best fanart- SumSamurai, Tenshimitsu and Digimitsu
Best comic- Kogamitsu
Most like Yoshi- Jembru and Kagekiyo
Most obsessed with Yoshi- Tenshimitsu
Best fanfiction- Jembru
Brainiest Member- Tenshimitsu and Grey
Most Helpful- A.K Fan1234
Most lovable- SumSamurai and Pris
Member I'd most like to have a drink with- Yoshimattsu
Best DTPA poster- Sumsamurai
Biggest Soul Calibur fan- Kagekiyo
Funniest poster- Jembru
Most active- yoshimitsu8861

Thanks to everyone who voted!!!

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keepin us obssessed with Yoshimitsu for years!!!

btw, wow!!! i won as most active!!! haha... yay!! an award!! :D :yes

once again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOT!

Awesome! It's been nice sharing six or so of these birthdays with everyone.

Thanks for summing up the votes: they will appear on YOT very soon. :D

Hooray for Awards and Birthdays!!!! It looks like I have some traveling and drinking to do.

Happy Birthday and grats to everyone!


Happy Birfday YOT!

I got the cool Bryan Fury shirt from my bro, which looks awesome. He kept Armor King´s and some Terminator shirt ^^
Fits the occasion. I mean, a forum has no use for gifts XD

So feel free to send your stuff to me! :yes

Happy Birthday YOT!, wait a sec did i actually won something :dozingoff
anyway thanks guys :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOT!!! (She says 9 mins late) I can't believe it's now been 8 years.. 8 years of pure Yoshi/Manji dedication!

How beautiful. :)

congrats to everyone!!! :D

happy birthday YOT!

thanks for the 8 years of "YOSHINESS" (even though i only experienced one year, it still gave me enough YOSHINESS... :D

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oups i'm kinda late, happy birthday YOT and myself :P (16 of august) everyone who as a Xbox should go buy SC4 and play with me :P

Happy belated Birthday to 'YOT's Biggest Soul Calibur fan'!!! You know, you're one of only two people who got 100% of the votes in their category?? The other being of course, Best Comic!!!

Sucks without shoutbox because we can't wish people a happy birthday like we used to. Then again, it was used so often lately that people would miss their birthday message by the time they logged on anyway, so no huge deal I guess.

Look... I'm rabbiting again... =:x

lol rabitting haha " =:x "

haha... oh, and is it just the 2 of you who got 100% of total votes on the category?! wow!!! congrats again!

happy belated bday again Kage! ^^

Probably you wonder why I'm late with YOT Birthday celebration...

I must excuse you very much, but it just happened that I'm in the middle of moving to a new flat. I was offline for a while and will be offline for a week or so...

Sorting my stuff and doing all the formal paper things consumes the very rests of my free time :/


I'm sorry, please be patient a bit more...

Oh gosh, I missed this... darn. :(

Anyhow, Happy unbirthday today for YOT. ^____^

...I didn't know I was loveable - I know Sum-san is very loveable, but me?! LOL, thankyou. ^^;;

I have alot of fun here, although I'm never sure if anything I have to say has been said before while I'm looking through the threads, so I tend to be quiet. :X