Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

I gotta hand to you, no living person can find strange facts like you do :))

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Sumsamurai can u tell me how to Put video on forum like u did ?

Kumar, to do this you need to type these codes : [youtube] and [/youtube]
between these codes you copy paste the last part of the video link (after the "=" sign) beteen the youtube codes.

In this case " uGcsIdGOuZY " of

[youtube](example) uGcsIdGOuZY [/youtube]

Thanks boy... You are an angel... :D

# vijay_kumar_cute : Thanks boy... You are an angel... :D

I think I should really change my nick by now... I'm definitely not a boy anymore..

Nooooo, never grow up, never surrender. I'd hate to consider myself a 'woman' - I am a girl dammit!!! A 28 year old girl (yeah people, I just revealed my age :O ). Although I suppose it is different for guys. Just, everyone seems to be in such a hurry to grow up these days while I'm refusing to even age :))

If Vijay calling you 'boy' bothers you, just call him 'Kumar-cute' you know he hates that. ''(ôô)''

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*Jembru slams on the breaks and comes to a screeching halt, then reverses at full speed backwards up yot's drive and parks, rather poorly, back in the music thread and says, aghast..

'oh I forgot to do my usual tagging on of something on topic after my post.. so here it goes.

At the moment, I have found myself compelled to get back to my spiritual roots. I'm practicing yoga again, meditating (and I mean trance meditation, not running around Rotokia like I usually do when I meditate these days) and of course, stinking out the flat with my joss sticks and essential oils. Oh and I have finally quit smoking!!!!!! I'm pretty sure for good too, because recently I was bored and bought some cigs. I had one and realised I simply don't like it or have any need for it. The rest were torn up and thrown away!! I'm eating better, drinking less and I really haven't felt this awesome in years!! So anyway, this background story was to explain why I am currently listening to stuff like this...

Yeah, yeah, it's not exactly cool, but it's me and who can I be if not myself? ^^

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did you really quit smoking <<...?

Jembru.... -.- you reveal my secret :p... I dont mind being called cute but i am not cute... Oh the main thing i am here to post is... About your quote... "what can i be if not myself.." that is an excellent quote.... Did it flow into your mind or did you hear it from somewhere... Really nice... Thumbs up...

I just thought of it. Used to come up with weird stuff like that all the time. I'm thankful you pointed it out actually, because it's a sign that I'm back to my old self ^^

Ang Angelboy.. what exaxtly are you trying to imply? ^^ Of course I have quit. It's been a week now. Okay, I once went for 4 weeks but this is different. This time, I don't get cravings or anything. This might sound a bit mad but I did a self-hypnosis from youtube :)) I wasn't even taking it seriously but the next morning, I just didn't want to smoke and haven't wanted to since. I'm using the gum just in case but, I think I don't really need that.

Oh and when I'm not chilling out to relaxation music, I'm totally into Faun right now. I discovered them just over a year ago but recently I'm listening to them loads. If you don't know them, check them out. They're a German, pagan band who's music is an awesome mixture of celtic and gothic. Wait, I'll make a link..

and no, I don't only like them because they are German. I just happened to discover them because I was in Germany.

I love these girl she is so f***** wow xD
Hee..heee... (Muahahahahah) I love these Movie B)
When I put my Photos, u will see how much I love these Movie >:) No not Yelow suit no,no,no.. xD
Every time when I hear tha, I mast cry..

LOL at all the stuff I just read, watched and listened to much diversity.
I listen to rap and stuff, who's with me :D

One of my types: (not the best, but I like it. Feels like Yoshi's crazy style of fighting ^^)

The prodigy: Warrior's Dance

If it's rap, I'm into Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, and Funkdoobiest

There's too much to list

Right now, I'm listening to my Marina and the Diamonds station on Pandora One. I love this music. Lots of cool artists like Kate Nash, Lily Allen, and La Roux.