Music Thread - What Are You Listening To??

I listen to trance/dance a lot so the at the moment my favourites tracks are the ministry of sound cds

show me love - original
cry for you - september

and then comes the trance

tiesto - everything

and then comes the sad fob music!

crucify my love - X-Japan

heheh Spyro 3 music atm XD

a bit of GaGa X))))))

Trance energy 2008 =)))

Blueboy- Remember me....makes me really remember one boy =)))) <3

Best son i've ever heard X)))) Tube & Berger- Straight ahead =)))

luv ya <3

i approve of the trance energy 2008!
however i don't know what the bottom two are about...

guns N roses-Nvenber rain
An oldtime favourite!

The cascades-Rythm of the falling rain
This very sad nely song :'(

Mark knopfler - Irish boy
who doesn´t like harmony and peace at times

The Ramones - I don´t wanna grow up
thats was taken out off my mind

The Misfits - Dust to dust
bad ass song

Black Sabbath - The devil cried
Tony Iommis riffs is godlike and have the most mean crunchy distoriton sound

Ministry - No W
a cool song with a cool attitude

Oh, another MK-fan on board? :D

Brilliant, I got Mark Knopfler's newest album "Get Lucky" from my mom this yule, a special edition with a behind-the-scenes DVD enclosed. That, and Lordi's "Deadache"-album have been playing lately. I especially love the title track, since I've been quite deadach'd lately myself.

Sorry too disapoint you but Mark knopfler its not my everyday music.
I do respect his guts for being different from any other Rockband at time, his clean and medodic sound.

But I do love Rock in mostly all it froms :yes

Ah. Well, no matter :) I've been a fan of Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits since '94. I was... hmm, six years old. I can still hear Sultans of Swing playing on the radio at the staff room during the bairns' nap time, and loving the sound of the guitar.

I'm into g-rock, industrial and darkwave mostly, but I have a soft spot for certain monster rock. I also love the melancholic, 'iron thread' sound of Viikate, the other Finnish band I listen to.

Mainstream music sounds all the same to me, I'm afraid. I really can't listen to a radio anymore without getting irritated. Perhaps I should classify myself as "musically challenged" person? :D

ironically music didn´t say me anything because of the narrowminded vision of music the radio give me. my door to the new world called metal was linkin park but my passion and love started with metallica.

thats why i dislike the modern music, it covers everything

To add to the narrowness, it seems to me that radio stations play the same thing since a couple of years, at least when I have the rare occasion to listen to the radio.
As for what I've been listening to lately, it was mostly the music from BlazBlue, esp. Gluttony Fang:
I've also found quite good fan composed songs for this series, like "The Calamity Trigger" here: (you can hear the other songs in this users channel)

Besides this, as a fan of Hans Zimmer, I just love the soundtrack for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, the soundtrack is worth even just for the 18 minute long theme from the credits (IIRC)

Last but not least, I found the lyrics of "Gotta knock a little harder" for the Cowboy Bebop movie quite interesting, considering some stuff I've seen lately.

As a final note I should say it's nice to be back here after such a long hiatus, heh.

Right now I'm listening to "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train. You've probably heard it on the radio recently.

I like it for its upbeat lyrics and simple melody.

Two fantastic songs by Leonard Cohen

Well I'm enjoying the Gorillaz when I play Tekken... Lamb of God, Shadows Fall, Devil Driver, Hatebreed etc., when I feel like stomping someone's head in... Dire Straits, Zeppelin, The Cars, Talking Heads etc., when I'm feelin' groovy :)... And a little Cat Stevens or Fleetwood Mac before bed...


Oh and when I'm feeling in a rap mood, I like Outkast, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy and so on...

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For moments of pure anger running through ones veines I recommend Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Shinedown, 30 Seconds To Mars or Breaking Benjamin (poor Benjamin!).

Three Days Grays - Never Too Late

30 Seconds To Mars - Attack


Thrashing time XD

Tankard - Die With A Beer In Your Hand

Tankard - Stone Cold Sober

Overkill - Bring me the night

Heathen - Arrows of Agony

Annihilator - Alison Hell

Testament - Sins of Omission (live in london)