Maybe some of you have been waiting for this, too, but for those who haven´t, check this out:
I already told you how kickass Scott Adkins is XD, but one of his next movies will be great for all of us I think. It´s called "Ninja" and unfortunately this movie won´t make it to the cinemas, although I´m pretty sure the quality of the action and fight scenes are better than in most other cases.
Well, just get the DVD once it comes out. Which will be very soon I hope.

Here´s the Teaser Trailer.

But you should also check out this cool rooftop fight scene.
Gives me somewhat of a 80s ninja video game flair XD

Okay, another thing, Michael Jai White has also got a new martial arts movie at the ready. It´s called "Blood and Bone" and will be available on DVD in september.
Finally, this guy shows off his amazing skills too. Up to now, he´s always been kinda limited because of his roles, e.g. playing a boxer.
Anyway, here´s the new trailer.
Well, I have to admit, this one doesn´t look like it has more to offer than action, but so what XD

I can`t wait to see that!

See the knife at 1:38 (Ninja)...That's a Cold Steel Tanto, I have one of those!!! This movie looks sweet! It's a shame these won't be in theaters..