Elimination tournament in Poland.

so "kapa" is everywhere:D not only in Poland:D this is fuuny topic :D we are learning "kapa"eacha other :D muahaha I'm gonna use your "kapa" meaning too, Koga .

There's also another movie, taken from a different tourney, where I won third place:


One of these movies is with my Yoshi in action :)

Hey, this server is a lot faster than the previous one. Nice fights!
Congratulations with your third place! ^_^

You know, we have a proverb here in ?ets?, which roughly translates:
"The first one has good luck.
The second one has bad luck.
The third one has skill."


"at the second place you are first looser" :/ I think it's true , but it really have good meaning when your oponents were good too.

Thank you very much :) The most important thing for me is that... Yoshi is actually a very good fighter! I've got a littlebit of hope that my trainings won't be in vain.

There was held another tournament from the series of the official Tekken tournament in Poland: this time in Poznan. You can find both photos and most interesting fights here:


"Fotki z Poznania" means "Photos from Poznan"
"Walki" means "Fights" :)
"Kliknij tutaj" means "Click here"

I'm also in the photos :) Some pre-tournament sparrings were organized in my home. In the tournament I wore black shirt and baseball hat.

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those files doesn't exist there anymore... :D

d/b+2 ws+2 BT d+2 FC d/f+3 - STOLED. :D this one is great.


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I'm glad you like it. :) It worked on my opponent because in the fights you didn't see, he ate BT flash. So I was sure he'll try something faster ...(jabs)

Be awared that your opponent may anticipate it in many ways. (don't let him read this thread :P) low punch after WS+2 can be crushed, and this hurts. FC,d/f+3 can be crushed, sidestepped, blocked... Generally, you have the BT flash after WS+2 to counter all moves that are mid and over 11 frames, let's assume. Body impacts (like Paul's d+1+2), fast mid-hitters (Kazuya's d/f+2), hopkicks... for the high punches you have high-crushing low punch or alternatively low kick and only this will save you against them. It's a mini-guess-up.

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Thank u for the explanation, Tenshi.

Btw, u are not going to distribute ur T5 FAQ on TZ right? It's like showing yoshi in front of other players who use other characters. Heh. :p